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Archive: December 2014 (Problem Structuring Methods Special Interest Group)

Tuesday, 2 Dec 2014
ashley carreras

Whilst Giles and I share responsibility for driving the PSM SIG forward in terms of activities and events, we would like to know what you as members would like to happen. 

At the moment we are just looking for some general feedback so the following questions are deliberately open ended:

  • What kinds of SIG activities do you find useful?
  • How frequently would you like the SIG to meet?
  • Are there other ways of interacting with each other that this SIG has not tried before or perhaps has not tried often enough?
  • Are there other networks and/or SIGs that you think that we could link with?

Any ideas or comment would be useful as we would like to deliver sessions/activities that the members think are of use . Please email me directly and I will collate the responses.

+ We are also looking to do a joint session with the Criminal Justice SIG in late May/early June so please keep an eye out for a notice in the near future

kind regards