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Archive: February 2016 (North Western OR Group)

Friday, 5 Feb 2016
Muriel McGrath

Just a quick note to thank everyone for coming on Wednesday 3rd February. It was a great way to restart the North West group, and fantastic to see such a good turnout. Hopefully this is the first of many good meetings for those of us in the area, and when we've analysed your feedback forms to see what the consensus is on meetings going forward, we'll get started on organising a full year's programme. I'm looking forward to all of your contributions, as I had several interesting chats on the day - we've obviously got a lot of varied expertise and interesting thinkers just on the doorstep!

Our speakers on the day, Ruth and Stewart, were also fantastic, and as requested, I've been looking for ways to make their slides available. 

For now, I've popped them in my iSpring account. Ruth's slides are available at , Stewart's at .