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Archive: April 2017 (North Western OR Group)

Monday, 24 Apr 2017
Tony Hines

The OR Society Annual General Meeting is hosted by the North West OR Group at MMU, 22nd June 2017



The event promises to be both exciting and informative with Ruth Kaufman, President of The OR Society outlining some exciting plans with members through a Q&A on future directions. Your chance to meet Board members as well as Gavin Blackett, Secretary & General Manager, and other OR Society members. There will be some time for networking with refreshments and nibbles.

It is a pleasure to welcome Professor Keith Still  our invited speaker who is an expert on ‘Crowd Science’. His research is focused on crowd safety. His tools (Legion, Paramics UAF, Myriad, Dwell Analysis, Progressive Crowd Collapse and Tawaf models) have been used for the analysis of crowds in complex and built spaces for over two decades. Professor Still has authored a book on this topic published by CRC Press.

Prof. Still has lectured at the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College (EPC) from 1999 - 2013 contributing to a wide range of crowd safety related courses. Keith is currently developing a MSc course (Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis) at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) and continues to teach short courses around the world.

We will also have a short presentation by placement students from HMRC who made the finals of the INFORMS competition in Las Vegas. They will tell us about their experience of being one of eight projects selected for the final.

You will be able to book in via the link below which will help us plan refreshments. Look forward to seeing you there.