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Archive: September 2016 (North Western OR Group)

Wednesday, 21 Sep 2016
Cara Quinton

We had a really informative afternoon at Liverpool University last week when we held our first meeting of the year. We had three great presentations. Sarah Culkin from the Department of Health gave the audience insights into how she had become involved with pro bono work in the health service examining lonliness in rural North Yorkshire. It was really interesting to see the various stages in the project and how OR had helped shaped thinking for the project, the analysis and achieved the aims. Sarah has kindly agreed to share her slides and they are available to members here. This was followed by Linda Henry's talk about how she got involved organizing volunteers (team members) to do research to benefit the communities where they live. Linda too gave some great examples of how these projects came about, were conducted and managed to achieve aims measured through key performance indicators. Linda agreed to share her slides too. Last but certainly not least Felicity McLeister who looks after Pro Bono initiatives at the OR Society gave the audience a detailed description of how and why Pro Bono initiatives work at the Society and how the process is managed and supported by Felicity and her colleagues. Felicity also pointed members to resources on the OR Society Website. There were some very good questions to all three speakers. At the end of these three presentations All in all a good afternoon. Our thanks to the University of Liverpool for hosting the event and making everyone feel welcome. We look forward to working with them again in the future. We had a very good open discussion at the end of the meeting about possibilities for future meetings too. 

Linda contacted me to say that she had some opportunities for junior analysts on her programmes with established teams in NE Lincolnshire and Salford. There is also an opportunity to work on a new 'Early Presentation of Cancer programme' in Hastings and Rother. In the latter case it is an opportunity to get involved from the start and see every step. If you want to follow up with this simply contact Linda directly: or call 0151 486 6737.


Felicity would also be pleased to here from anyone who wants to follow up Pro Bono opportunities with the OR Society and can be contacted at


Our next meeting will be on 'Emergency Planning' and that will be held in Warrington. I will be providing more details for you to get this meeting in your diary shortly. It is likely to be the first or second Wednesday in December. Full details to follow...

Tony Hines



Thursday, 8 Sep 2016
Tony Hines

You can book a place by visiting  the following link: BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!


Friday, 2 Sep 2016
Tony Hines

Our first meeting of the new season looks to have something for everyone interested in OR.

You can book a place by visiting  the following link: BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!





Wednesday 14, September 2016

15:00 – 18:00

Lecture Room 3, South Campus Teaching HUB, 140 Chatham St, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L7 7BA

14:45 – 15:15    Registration and refreshments

15:15 – 15:20    Welcome and introduction Prof. Tony Hines (NW OR Group Chair)

15:20 – 15:50    Addressing loneliness in Rural North Yorkshire – Sarah Culkin (Department of Health)

Pro Bono OR Society Project:  An organisation in the North of England took over a rural monitoring service for the elderly and was very keen to ensure that as much benefit as possible could be provided for recipients of the service.  It therefore requested a pro bono study to help understand how a strategy for improving the service could be constructed.  In this talk I will describe my experiences and results.

15:50 – 16:20   ‘Setting the Guinea Pigs Free – Towards a New Model of Social Marketing’–

                      (Linda Henry – Unique Improvement Ltd)


The process of applying structure and approaches to engagement of people in deprived communities to achieve improvement in a range of health and social care topics is the theme of my talk. This sets the scene for the pro bono work; I will talk about our approach to the work, the techniques used and some of the examples of success.  Many community programmes do not know how to measure impact and social value so I will conclude with this. Participants should get an easy to understand resource on how we do it and the things they need to consider when looking for funding and measuring impact as customers these days buy ‘outcomes and impact’.


16:20 – 16:30    Break

16:30 – 16:50    OR Society Pro-Bono (Felicity McLeister – OR Society)

              Find out more about the OR Society’s Pro Bono initiative and how you can get involved!

16:50 – 17:00    OR in University of Liverpool (Speaker TBC - University of Liverpool)

17:00 – 17:30    NW OR Regional Society Annual General Meeting (OR Society members only)

17:30 – 18:00    Networking and Close