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Archive: November 2013 (Analytics Network)

Friday, 29 Nov 2013
Sayara Beg

Analytics Network Sponsored Christmas Meetup

Venue: Dirty Dicks Pub, 202 Bishopsgate Speaker: Chair & James Proctor of CNX Search Date: Thursday, 05 December 2013 at 18:00 - 21:00

An opportunity to meet like minded professionals, working in the field of Data Science, exchange contact details and establish long term professional networking relationships for business development opportunities.

There will be nibbles and a drink available, as a well as stimulating conversations with an exciting exchange of ideas.  Register to attend here:

This event has been sponsored by CNX Search, a Data and Analytics Recruitment firm

CNX search provides world-class staffing solutions for customers who have invested in analytics software and want to ensure they get the most from their chosen solutions.  By focusing on Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Predictive Analytics and Data Science, CNX positions itself firmly in the most innovative and commercially important area of Information Technology, aligning ourselves as partners to organisations who want to ensure that whether you are in business looking for a specialist, ora professional searching for your next career move, you have a partner that you can rely on to facilitate these changes quickly, professionaly and accurately.

Sunday, 24 Nov 2013
Sayara Beg
Friday, 15 Nov 2013
Sayara Beg

In 2007, Professor Sir David King outlined seven principles for scientific researchers to follow, aimed at preventing corrupt practices and establishing trust between science and society.

They are:

  1. Act with skill and care in all scientific work. Maintain up to date skills and assist their development in others.
  2. Take steps to prevent corrupt practices and professional misconduct. Declare conflicts of interest.
  3. Be alert to the ways in which research derives from and affects the work of other people, and respect the rights and reputations of others.
  4. Ensure that your work is lawful and justified.
  5. Minimise and justify any adverse effect your work may have on people, animals and the natural environment.
  6. Seek to discuss the issues that science raises for society. Listen to the aspirations and concerns of others.
  7. Do not knowingly mislead, or allow others to be misled, about scientific matters. Present and review scientific evidence, theory or interpretation honestly and accurately.

How effectively can these principles be applied to Data Scientists in the field of Advance Analytics? 

Should it fall to The Operational Research Society, as a professional body, to advocate these principles?  To train its members and ensure they remain committed to them, and to maintain its application as advances are made in the field, through continous professional development courses (CPDs)?


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