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Archive: November 2014 (Analytics Network)

Friday, 7 Nov 2014
Sayara Beg

The School of Data Science  would like to invite you to attend 5 day boot camp in London from 24-28 Nov for hands-on introduction to Machine Learning models and methods using R and Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Fundamentals of Machine Learning Bootcamp will take you through the conceptual and applied foundations of the subject. Topics covered will include Machine Learning theory, types of learning, techniques, models and methods. Labs are developed to practically learn how to use the R programming language and packages for applying the main concepts and techniques of Machine Learning.

In this bootcamp, our goal is to give you the basic skills that you need to understand Machine Learning algorithms and models, and interpret their output, which is important for solving a range of data science problems. This is an applied Machine Learning course, and we focus on the intuitions and practical know-how needed to get Machine Learning algorithms to work in practice, rather than the mathematical equations and derivatives.

Great opportunity for programmers, analysts, researchers, technology consultants and all interested in Machine Learning to learn methods for building Machine Learning applications that solve different real-world tasks. Lots of hands-on labs to step through real-world applications of Machine Learning.

Read and download the bootcamp brochure from here  [ ]

Read this blog post by Dr. Mike Ashcroft to learn more about what will be covered in the bootcamp and why you should attend.

Please take a moment to register now and avail the special 40% discount offered for the members of The O.R. Society. Visit the event page and use the promo code ORS40 to get 40% off.  5 seats are allocated for the members, which will be offered on first come first basis.  

Visit the event page to register >

 Happy Machine Learning!


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