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Archive: 2018 (Analytics Network)

Thursday, 29 Nov 2018
Amy Hughes

The Analytics Network Winter Event

The Analytics Network, part of the Operational Research Society, organised the Winter event that took place at Robert Walters offices in Covent Garden on the 22nd November.

On this ocassion we had four different speakers from a wide range of industries. The talks were: 

-Colin Stewart, Director of Analytics at More Metrics , Using open sourcedata in a post GDPR world to estimate household incomes

-Kasia Kulma, Data Scientist at Mango Solutions, Interpretable Machine Learning with LIME - now and tomorrow

-Ines Marusic, QuantumBlack, Algorithmic Bias: Metrics, methods, and implications

-Thinh Ha, senior data scientist at Barclays, The measure and mismeasure of Algorithmic Fairness


All of our speakers presentations can be found here


We look forward to seeing you in our coming events.

Analytics Network, The OR Society




Wednesday, 22 Aug 2018
Amy Hughes

The Analytics Network, part of the Operational Research Society, invites you to join to our Autumn event that will take place at London Business School.

On this occasion, we will be hosting three different speakers covering a wide range of topics, each followed by a Q&A. At the end of the event, there will be plenty of time for networking


6:00pm-6:30pm Registration

6:30pm-8:00pm Talks

-1st Speaker: Bruce Hardie, London Business School Professor of Marketing, "Valuing Subscription-Based Businesses Using Publicly Disclosed Customer Data"

-2nd Speaker: Harvey Lewis, Associate Partner at EY, "Tax knowledge management using R, Shiny and Leaflet"

-3rd Speaker: Michael Mortenson, Senior Teaching Fellow on the MSc in eBusiness Management at Warwick University, "IoT modelling via mobile phones"

8:00pm-8:30pm Networking

For more information, talk abstracts and to register, please visit:


We look forward to seeing you.

Analytics Network, The OR Society

Monday, 30 Jul 2018
Amy Hughes

Join The OR SocietyUCAS and the IMA on September 5th 2018 for an exciting data science masterclass delivered by Dr Gilbert Owusu. Dr Owusu, is the Head of Practice, Business Modelling & Operational Transformation at BT Technology, Service & Operations and will be discussing 'Leveraging AI Technologies for Delivering Better Service Outcomes'. 
Please note that all attendees must register in advance by using this registration link.

Refreshments will be provided at this event which starts at 18:00. This event will be held at at the UCAS head offices in Chelthenham. For directions to the venue and travel advice, please consult this map (pdf).

If you would like more information, please click here or contact Andy Harrison, Head of Analytical Development for UCAS, at

Monday, 16 Jul 2018
Amy Hughes

The Analytics Network had another excellent event held on the 5th July at Robert Walters offices in central London. On this occasion we got three speakers from quite a wide range of industries. We had Ian Mitchel from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Matthew Robinson from IBM and John Hopes from the Operational Research Society:

The first speaker Ian talked about Quality Assured Analytics. In this talk he described the importance of having a robust process for validation and testing of analytical models. Ian used different examples where this process has been applied successfully and others where it has not been done correctly.

The second speaker Matthew covered IBM Watson, from Jeopardy to Wimbledon. Matthew started the talked with the journey of IBM as a developer of cognitive systems and how IBM technologies have evolved from winning chess competitions, to the Jeopardy TV game show and now to being used to simplify and automate tasks at Wimbledon. Matthew also shared how analytics professionals can use these tools in their own analytics work.

The third Speaker John Hopes presented how the OR Society supports the analytics professionals. John described what is the OR Society, the activities that the Society is involved and the support that it gives to the analytics community by training courses, certifications, conferences and other events (like the Analytics Network!)

Thanks to Robert Walters for supporting the organisation of this event and bringing the opportunity of finding new analytics opportunities to the Analytics Network community

- Eduardo Contreras Cortes, Chair of the Analytics Network.



Friday, 29 Jun 2018
Amy Hughes


Newest Installation of the Data Science Masterclass

5 July 2018, UCAS - Rosehill, Cheltenham

Join The OR SocietyUCAS and the IMA on July 5th for an exciting data science masterclass delivered by Dr Jenny Macey. Dr Macey, who is a Computational Physicist and Mathematical Modeller, will be discussing 'Being an Adaptable Mathematician - From Adaptable Meshes to Machine Learning'.
Please note that all attendees must register in advance by using the registration link below. 

Refreshments will be provided at this event which starts at 18:00. This event will be held at at the UCAS head offices in Chelthenham. For directions to the venue and travel advice, please consult this map (pdf).

Click to Register Attendance


If you would like more information, please contact Andy Harrison, Head of Analytical Development for UCAS, at

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2018
Amy Hughes


Analytics Network Summer Event 2018 


Date and Time

Thu 5 July 2018
18:00 – 21:00 BST


Robert Walters
11 Slingsby Place, St Martin's Courtyard
View Map

The Analytics Network, part of the Operational Research Society, invites you to join to our next event that will take place at Robert Walters offices in Covent Garden.

On this occasion, we will have three different speakers from a wide range of industries and a Q&A will follow each talk. At the end of the event, there will be plenty of time for networking and also the opportunity to talk to any of the Robert Walters professional recruiters in analytics


18:00-18:30 Registration

18:30-20:00 Talks

1st Speaker: Ian Mitchell, Head of Modelling Integrity at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

2nd Speaker: Lukasz Piwek, Lecturer of Data Science from University of Bath.

3rd Speaker: John Hopes, President of the OR Society and Analytics Network

20:00-21:00 Networking

Register for free at:

We look forward to seeing you!

This event is hosted at Robert Walters offices. Robert Walters are an established specialist recruitment firm with over 3 decades of experience. Robert Walters has a dedicated data science & analytics recruitment team that covers both contract and permanent roles. With a consultative approach and a diverse range of clients we are able to support high calibre analytics and data science specialists attain their ideal career goals. We work with candidates who combine advanced analytical and technical skills with strong business acumen and the ability to communicate insights to key stakeholders.
If you require a recruitment partner then please contact on 0207 509 8039 or email or


Wednesday, 2 May 2018
Hope Meadows

One of the key aims of the Analytics Network within the OR Society is the sharing of ideas around the analytics space. On 26th April experts from EY, QuantumBlack, IBM and Flying Binary shared their insights into analytics with an audience of over 50 networkers.

 At our recent Analytics Network event held at EY, Bethan Mackay from EY, Musa Bilal from QuantumBlack, Joanna Levitt and Matthew Robinson from IBM and Prof Jacqui Taylor from Flying Binary delivered four talks sharing their insights into analytics in the areas of health, machine learning, application of design thinking to analytics and internet of things, respectively. After the talks there were drinks, snacks and networking that everyone thoroughly enjoyed - some even run out of their business cards!

I was pleased to learn that Ian Mitchell, the Operational Research Manager from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy was one of many proactive attendees. Ian who is a Secretary of Public Policy Design Special Interest Group says: “It is good to have the SIGs support one another – there are often insights from the overlaps!”. Encouraging SIGs mutual collaboration was an important point raised at the SIG and RG Chairs Meeting held on 5th April 2018 at The ORS HQ in Birmingham.

In the spring of 2015, I got involved with Pro Bono OR to put to good use my ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ analytical skills learnt as a physics and business undergraduate which I felt were dormant in the teaching career I had pursued for some time. A search for a new career direction had led me into securing sponsorship for university law course for which in the summer of 2017 I was awarded Graduate Diploma in Law. My aim now is to understand the overlap between the skills and knowledge in physics, business and law and how best to put them into practice. Operational research provides that area of overlap, which is why I attended The ORS UK CAP Launch and Analytics Network re-Launch event on 5th February 2018 and subsequently joined the Committee: to engage with and become a proactive member of a diverse community of analysts.

Being a new Committee Member it was an honour for me to host the event with such amazing speakers. During preparation for the speakers’ introductions, I discovered the immense joy I felt when learning about their individual achievements and then sharing it with a wider audience. As such, my key message to our future guest speakers is this – a short biography that we use to structure and to promote the events is a great opportunity for us to accentuate your professional progress and achievements. On behalf of a committee I invite you to take that chance, leave modesty at home and get involved. We are eager to learn from you!

Similarly we are developing the events for the rest of 2018 and beyond and would like to hear from you if you would like to discuss your views on analytics or have a topic you would like and we will find a suitable speaker.  We are also looking at events outside London so if you are involved in a regional group, please get in touch.

The Analytics Summit 2018 on 12th June is the next big Analytics event being run by the OR Society in association with the Royal Statistical Society and we are then looking to run an Analytics Network event in July.

Should you be interested in joining our committee, attending events, visiting as a photographer or videographer then please get in contact with either myself at or Eduardo Contreras, AN Chair, at

To access the slides from this event please view at:

Health Analytics: 





Committee Member, Analytics Network Special Interest Group, OR Society

Aspiring Lawyer-Analyst

Former Legal Officer at Sovereign HA

Former Physics Teacher


Graduate Diploma in Law | MSci(Hons) Physics with Business Mgmt


M: 07590577976


Friday, 20 Apr 2018
Amy Patrick

Nadine Keane

by Nadine Keane

Becoming a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) has so many benefits for any person practicing in fields related to operational research or advanced analytics. Since becoming accredited in early 2016, I keep finding this to be true.
From increasing my opportunities to network with fellow analytics practitioners (like when I recently spoke at The OR Society meeting in London), to providing a common language and framework that can be applied in a work setting, or by giving hiring business people something that instils confidence that I can do what I say I can, or simply by feeling that wonderful sense of achievement each time I use the increasingly recognised certification designation, CAP.

The benefits start before the certification is earned, then continue long after it is awarded. In preparing for the CAP program I found myself pulling out management science textbooks and old academic notes that I had not looked at for quite a long time. Relearning things I once knew well felt like a trip down memory lane and a chance to re-inject some of that thinking to my current practice, a real win-win. Couple this with the continuing education element of CAP® which means there’s extra yield from attending analytics related courses or applying self-directed learning
since activities that demonstrate continued commitment to the analytics profession earn professional development units (PDUs) which are needed to renew the certification every three years. I’ll even earn a PDU for writing this article!

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (InForMS) launched the Certified Analytics Professional Program in 2013, following two years of program development. The aim for CAP® at the time of launch was to set peer agreed standards for analytics professionals.

A fantastic new development in 2017 is that CAP has received a formal international endorsement by becoming accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) which is the American member of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO).

The CAP program, administered by INFORMS, is aimed at experienced analytics professionals who meet both academic and experience criteria. Certain supporting documentation must be submitted by applicants before being approved to progress to a three hour, 100 multiple-choice question examination. The exam assesses knowledge of aspects of the end-to-end analytics process. The analytics process is defined across seven practice domains, these are:
I. Business Problem (Question) Framing
II. Analytics Problem Framing
III. Data
IV. Methodology (Approach) Selection
V. Model Building
VI. Development
VII. Model Life Cycle Management

Before taking the exam, it is very useful to review the test questions which are available with answers provided, in the
CAP® Study Guide and the Handbook (both available at There’s a list of references that could be studied to prepare for the exam, as well as links to continuing education and training courses that cover analytics topics which might come up in the exam. The references and courses could be helpful for candidates who need to brush up on any particular practice domain. Also, there are webinars prepared by analytics practitioners that give some guidance per each domain, available at

And finally, don’t be put off if you don’t pass the exam first time. I didn’t, and it was probably one of the best events of my career in analytics! It forced me to re-look at an area that I had not used for some time.
I very willingly recommend the Certified Analytics Professional Program to any analytics practitioner. Good luck!

Tuesday, 3 Apr 2018
Hope Meadows

Future Meetings



Venue: EY, 1 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AF
Speaker: Bethan MacKay, Professor Jacqui Taylor, Matthew Robinson and Didier Vila
Date: Thursday, 26 April 2018 at 18:00 - 20:30

The Analytics Network, part of the Operational Research Society, invites you to join to our next event that will take place in EY.

On this ocassion we will have three different speakers from a wide range of industries. Each session will be followed by Q&A. Don't forget, there will be plenty of time for networking, before and after scheduled speakers.


6:00pm-6:30pm Registration

6:30pm-8:00pm Talks

8:00pm-8:30pm Networking


-Bethan Mackay, EY: Health Analytics

Health Analytics: applying different analytical lenses to standard datasets to better inform decision-makers

Hospitals collect a huge range of data points on each of their patients and staff every day and rely on many of these datasets to claim the correct income. This talk will take an example of a recent piece of analytical work carried out for the health sector to show how using a different lens on commonly used datasets has helped organisations gain a better understanding of the issues that they face and assist in more informed decision-making.

Speaker bio:

Bethan is a Manager in the Valuations and Business Modelling team at EY and specialises in Health Analytics. Bethan is a geographer by background and holds an MSc with Distinction in Geographical Information Science. She came to EY from Dr Foster where she was the lead research analyst. She is experienced in working with data from many health systems around the world. She has a special interest in spatial analysis and is the technical lead for EY’s health analytics offering, EY Precision


-Professor Jacqui Taylor, FlyingBinary: Mapping the Future towards the Internet of Things

Mapping the Future towards the Internet of Things 

In her presentation Jacqui will introduce the mega trends which will affect individuals, organisations and nations as we move towards a future where over 80% of the world’s population will be connected online. Never before in human history have we ever witnessed a phenomenon like the world wide web.

The Internet of Things requires an understanding of a new way of communicating with customers and citizens we haven’t yet met. Jacqui will take you on a journey beyond Big Data through Smart Cities towards the Internet of Things. She will share some of the projects her web science company have delivered, and the impact these have had across organisations, nations and globally. She will set the context for the changes the web will bring and the impact it will have on all our careers. An exciting future beckons for all of us who love to work with data.

Speaker bio

Jacqui, Founder, CEO of FlyingBinary, is recognised as one of the 100 most powerful UK entrepreneurs and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of her international web science work. One of the UKs most influential Women in Tech, 34 IoT Influencers on Twitter and 20 global entrepreneurs to watch, and a UK Smart City leader in 2018. She has published four books as an international web scientist and is a Visiting Professor at LSBU.

Jacqui's company has been successfully awarded all nine H.M.Government G-Cloud frameworks underpinning Secured European Cloud Services for Big Data and IoT, which implement GDPR with no reliance on Privacy Shield arrangements.

Jacqui is a Strategic Advisor to the UK Government on Smart Cities and a principle expert for the International British Standards Institute (BSI) team on the top level ISO and JTC 1 Technical Committees for Smart Cities and AI. She is part of the UK CPNI team (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) who have defined the new governance model required to secure the UK Smart Cities using new European Cyber legislation. She is also the Technical Author of 1 BSI and 2 ISO smart city standards. Twitter: @jacquitaylorfb


-Matthew Robinson, IBM: Applying design thinking to Analytics

Applying Design Thinking to Analytics

Visual design of analytics solutions is frequently left until the end of projects when delivery is imminent. Design is the intent behind an outcome and consideration at the start of an analytics project will help successful delivery. This presentation will introduce design principles for analytics projects and the use of design thinking with practical exercises. IBM Design Thinking will be used during the workshop.

The presenter will share recommendations for visual dashboard design to understand what makes a good dashboard visually with practical examples of good and bad practice.  

Matthew Robinson is part of the IBM European Experts Team in Data Science and Business Analytics


-Musa Bilal: Productionising Machine Learning Systems: Challenges and Solutions

QuantumBlack identify most common challenges around taking a machine learning solution from proof-of-concept to production and address potential solutions to those challenges, particularly around ensuring resilience of the solution around changing dynamics of the system.

Musa Bilal is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at QuantumBlack. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology


To register for this free event, please visit 


To sign up to the Analytics Network please visit:


We look forward to seeing you.

Analytics Network, The OR Society

Tuesday, 27 Mar 2018
Hope Meadows

For the first time, Analyst Network North East (ANNE) hosted an event outside of Newcastle. This was a bit of an experiment to see whether the progress we had made building the OR community in the North East, over three events in 2016 and 2017, could be replicated in Darlington. For those of you who know your railways, just three stops down the East Coast Mainline (no prizes available for correctly guessing which three stops they are). I’m delighted to say it went really well.

 To get us started, we had the pleasure of Ruth Kaufman, Immediate Past President of the OR society, opening the event. Ruth told us about the strengths and opportunities in operational research today: how the profession is flourishing and taking advantage of the soft boundaries between techniques, enabling people to work in multi-disciplinary teams and have a real-world impact. Speaking of impact, Ruth also shared examples of how OR is contributing, from managing beds and waiting times in our hospitals to counting presidential inauguration crowds and even using optimization to mix animal feed.

Next up, Mark Craigie from the Department for Education (DfE) shared a presentation on applying regression modelling within the Teacher Supply Model (TSM). The TSM, which is published online, is a stocks and flows model used by DfE to estimate the number of teachers it needs to recruit each year, to have enough teachers in total to teach our kids. Mark’s talk focused on developing an understanding of how a new qualification type, English Baccalaureate, affected the TSM. He discussed the problems of data availability, analytical options considered and rejected, ending with an example of applying LOESS regression (Locally weighted scatterplot smoothing). At the end of the presentation, Mark then shared the lessons he learnt from the analysis which he is aiming to apply in the future.

 Following Mark’s talk, we tried out another experiment. Spread across two rooms, we organised the attendees into groups so they got a chance to talk to people they didn’t know. We then gave people five minutes to have a discussion, before they moved onto the next person in their group. We received really good feedback on this part of the event, as it gave people the opportunity to talk to peers, who they might not otherwise have spoken to. Well done to the organisers for pulling off some fairly complicated logistics!

After a spot of tea and coffee, we ended the event with two further presentations. Matt Linsley from the Industrial Statistical Research Unit (ISRU) at Newcastle University, shared ways in which frequentist and Bayesian approaches can be used to estimate and forecast a range of problems. For example, the quality of production of consumer products or daily gas demand forecasts in a geospatial basis. Did you know that gas travels at 20mph?

Matt Harte then finished off with a presentation about how Accenture is growing its business offer to clients across the region (and beyond), from its expanding office in North Tyneside. Through its application platforms, they are creating cloud-based solutions which enable companies to bring together different datasets and software packages into a single place. Matt shared some examples of this in practice and I think everyone (well, at least I) got very excited about how Accenture had been working with Ducati, to undertake real time optimisation of motorbike settings to improve performance.

Next up for us is a return to Newcastle for our event in the Summer, with another adventure to Durham in the Autumn. See you there!

If you would like to engage with us you can find us on twitter @AnalystNetNE or join the group on LinkedIn ‘Analyst Network North East’.





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