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Archive: April 2013 (Analytics Network)

Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013
Gavin Blackett

What do we know about data visualisation?  Read HBR's thoughts here

Monday, 8 Apr 2013
Gavin Blackett

Developments in Analytics and Big Data – Adding Value

Over the last 75 years, O.R. professionals have developed mature methodologies to analyse and use data that can add significant value in big data analytics. The aim of this event is to show how developments in Analytics are leading to increased competitive advantage in these challenging times.

Confirmed Speakers:

John Hopes Lead Partner, Business Modelling, Ernst & Young.

Gearóid Madden Accenture Analytics Innovation Centre

Colin Shearer SPSS – data mining pioneer and developer of Clementine software.

Detlef Nauck, BT - Chief Research Scientist and BT’s leading expert in data analytics.

Fintan Galvin Founder and CEO, i01

Sanjit Atwal - CEO, Squawka

Aaron Sugarman Head of Commercial Analytics, TUI


Wednesday, 12 June 2013 from 9am to 5.30pm

Institution of Engineering & Technology, Savoy Place, London, WC2R 0BL

Fee £75+VAT until 1 May then £150+VAT

Includes buffet lunch


For more about this event, and to book online, visit


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