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Archive: August 2013 (Analytics Network)

Monday, 26 Aug 2013
Michael Mortenson

Interesting post from Vincent Granville about the relative popularity of various analytics-related terms on Google searches.


Of particular interest to this group I thought was this one:

Google search popularity

The orange line represents "six sigma", the blue "data mining", the green "big data" and the red "operations research".

The increase in "big data" does seem to have some correlation with declines in "six sigma" and "data mining", although the decline seems to have begun before "big data" rises in popularity. "Operations research" seeems less effected although there does seem to be steady decline over the period.

I am always a little wary of these because we could easily say that "operations research" is less of a catch-all: management science, operational research, optimisation, etc. may take away some of the search 'juice'.

However, do we think there is something in the declines of certain quantitative methods and rise of big data? Is the emergence of Hadoop et al a threat to OR's popularity? Or is this just surface level and a poor indication of what is actually going on in business?


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