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Archive: March 2014 (Community OR Network)

Tuesday, 25 Mar 2014
Huw Evans

During 2013 I undertook to find out whether there was interest in rejuvenating a COR SIG.  As an independent consultant without the infrastructure of a large organisation to draw upon my approach had its limitations but I sought to make it as open and transparent as possible - perhaps as COR focused an approach as possible ....

From a web-based survey of ORS members I received fifty-nine responses, of which thirty-two supported having a COR SIG.  One respondent was not in favour and twenty-five were undecided.  Following on from the survey a workshop was organised at the OR55 conference at Exeter where people sought to explore how a COR SIG could/should be developed.

Since OR55 there have been further discussions and exchanges about how to take the development of a COR SIG forward.  We now have a core group of people interested in developing the COR agenda and it is time to reconstitute a committee and move forwards.

Our first meeting will be an online conference on 26 March 2014.  We'll let you know how it goes.



TItle: Performance Management in the Public and Third Sectors- avoiding the pitfalls
Presenter: Max Moullin, Director Public Sector Scorecard Research Centre
Date/Time: Wednesday 2nd April 2014 at 17:00

Venue: West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, LS2 7UP.

Refreshments (tea/coffee/cookies) will be available before the meeting but please confirm your attendance to ensure we provide sufficient for everybody.

Please contact James Crosbie on to confirm your attendance.

Max will begin the evening with an interactive presentation on the many pitfalls of managing and measuring performance and how to overcome them. He will also discuss, with case studies, a number of performance frameworks such as the Balanced Scorecard and the Public Sector Scorecard. He will talk about the importance of focussing on outcomes and evidence-based drivers of outcomes and of a performance management culture focussed on improvement, accountability and change, rather than a top-down blame culture. 

He will then facilitate a group exercise encouraging participants to apply the learning to an organisation chosen by the group. 

While most of the examples given will be from the public and third sectors, the topic is just as relevant to those working in the private sector.

Max is director of the Public Sector Scorecard Research Centre and a visiting fellow at Sheffield Business School, where he was principal lecturer for over 25 years. Max's earlier career was in OR in the Departments of the Environment, Transport and Health before becoming senior section leader in British Coal's OR Executive. He is a Fellow of the Operational Research Society and the Chartered Quality Institute. 

Max Moullin
Director, Public Sector Scorecard Research Centre
Visiting Fellow, Sheffield Business School 
Max is a Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute and the Operational Research Society and is a Chartered Quality Professional.
He is a member of the steering group of the Healthcare Advisory Forum