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Sexiest 21st Century Job?

Thursday, 14 Feb 2013 (revised date: Friday, 19 Jul 2013)
Gavin Blackett

... is Data Scientist - at least according to Thomas Davenport and DJ Patil writing in Harvard Business Review.

Read the full article here:


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Michael Mortenson
Fri, Mar 08 2013 15:37 GMT

UCL has one in that sort of area:

I'm sure its a watch-this-space scenario though.

I did however hear an alternative take on what a Data Scientist actually is: "An analyst who lives in California"(!)

Sayara Beg
Fri, Mar 08 2013 13:12 GMT

University of Dundee and Imperial College are launching MSc Data Science programmes in 2013.

And there are short courses available at the Data Science Academy in London:

Anybody know of anymore?