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UK Opportunities for Data Scientists

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2013 (revised date: Friday, 19 Jul 2013)
Sayara Beg

Much has been said about how being a 'Data Scientist' is the sexiest job title ever and that it's the hottest job demand out there, with very little supply to fill the jobs.  So where are these jobs and what are the employer's looking for.

Post here if you have a job for a Data Scientist and lets us know what you skills and experience you are looking for in that role. 

Don't forget to include location of role and how to apply or contact you for further details.


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Michael Mortenson
Fri, Jul 12 2013 19:55 GMT

Slightly on a tangent but I came across an excellent (IMHO) article on what a data scientist actually is ... without just saying someone who is PhD standard in everything! Its available here:

Another interesting resource is a report from the start of the year showing job information around big data in the UK ( .... N.B. requires a sign-up). According to their research Data Scientists only make up 1% of big data jobs in the UK. I'm not sure if that means companies are recruting or reassigning internally, whether the jobs are being filled by head-hunting rather than recruitment ads, or that their sexiness is being lost on UK employers!

Sayara Beg
Thu, Jun 20 2013 14:29 GMT

Dow Jones are looking for a Data Scientist to be based in London

-A proven background in statistical and mathematical modelling?

-Experience in creating compelling data based stories in journalism, analytics, science or academia?

- Want to work somewhere where you really make a difference to the product?

What is the role?

Looking for a gifted story teller, someone who can look at stories from a statistical and analytical approach and make them even more relevant and targeted.

What is your contribution?

-Identify data views that are broadly attractive to user audiences and help productize these by working on a diverse suite of tasks

-Apply analysis and modeling templates broadly to particular stories tied to a specific subject matter

-Identify the correct statistical tool to verify and test actual data

-Produce compelling visualisations

What they need from you?

-A deep background within statistical and mathematical modeling.

-Significant experience using statistical computer modeling tools such as MATLAB or S (or R).

-Proficiency in Database querying of relational databases (e.g., SQLserver, mySql, etc.)

-Experience in creating compelling data based stories in journalism, analytics, science or academia

-Advanced Excel (using Data Analysis Toolpak) and PowerPoint skills.

-A creative mind, the ability to make stories interesting for users

-Help us target the most appropriate end user

-A can do attitude with an energetic approach to the task in hand

-An inquisitive mind always looking to see

-The ability to manipulate data to prove or disprove a story

Sayara Beg
Thu, Jun 20 2013 13:48 GMT

Vertex Solutions International Ltd in London, are looking for a Data Scientist

Job Description

Data Scientist Opportunities!


Based in the lively capital of England, this specialist consultancy is looking for an elite team of Data Scientists and Statisticians to lead the analysis and improvement of business performance metrics and solution provision. This is an exclusive collection of opportunities for gifted Maths and Statistics professionals to develop their Hadoop skillset (training can be provided) and join a fantastic social working environment with attractive share options and performance-related bonus incentives!


Need more persuasion?


This role will incorporate hypothesis design, test execution and result evaluation. You will be responsible for modelling, predicting and classifying behaviours and business metrics, and utilise machine learning and large-scale data mining techniques to discover and identify actionable data patterns in order to best answer complex business problems. You will be the brains behind the brawn, informing decision-making processes that directly impact the business.


This is a well-paid position, offering up to £550 per day, which will run for a 6 months period as a minimum. Get in touch for a confidential discussion today.

Desired Skills & Experience

The ideal Data Scientist/Statistician will come from a Masters or PhD background in a Maths-related discipline. You should have well-developed quantitative skills, with previous experience using hands-on data analysis, visualiation and query tools and languages. Strong programming capability is a must, as is a confidence using programming tools such as R, Matlab, SAS and SPSS.

Sayara Beg
Thu, Jun 20 2013 13:45 GMT

Hailo - The Black Cab App (start up) are looking for Data Scientists based on London

Join a fun, global team of top engineers, seasoned entrepreneurs, and taxi drivers for the adventure of a lifetime.
We're changing personal transportation, making people’s lives easier, and opening up a multi-billion dollar market in the process. We’ve built a massive following in London, Dublin, Toronto, Chicago and Boston, with both drivers and passengers thrilled to finally have a great experience with cabs.
This is an excellent opportunity to join and shape one of the world’s hottest mobile startups at a time of extraordinary growth and opportunity. Help us use a wealth of data and tools to increase engagement and substantially improve the performance of our passenger and driver networks.

After almost two years of operations and launches in five major global cities (with many more planned in the coming months), Hailo already amasses a wealth of data on a daily basis. With large volumes of data, comes the need to parse, check, interpret, understand and ideally visualize the hidden business insights this information contains. As a data scientist, you will constantly be mining Hailo’s data for ways in which we can profitably learn how to improve our network and our overall service to passengers and drivers.

The Role

  • Reporting to the Global Product & Performance Marketing Manager, you will be charged with uncovering business insights via rigorous data analysis
  • Use large-scale data mining techniques to discover and identify actionable patterns in data and develop hypotheses and models
  • Design hypothesis tests, oversee execution, and perform rigorous statistical evaluation of the results to produce actionable insights
  • Work with the analytics team to develop and maintain data products and tools for use both within the data science team and across the broader company
  • Managing, curation and quality control of Hailo’s data using manual and automated techniques
  • Identify cases where there is value in collecting new types of data and work with third parties and members of the Hailo team to complete the data acquisition process
  • Automate routine tasks and reports as appropriate in the correct format for individual teams
  • Advise the development team when new features require new data to be captured or generated for successful business insights
  • Succinctly summarise and communicate findings for relevant stakeholders and provide insight via visualizations
  • Instill best practice in terms of statistical interpretation of data amongst various teams, including any required explanations regarding confidence levels, statistical significance, error margins etc.

About You

  • Incurably and insatiably curious
  • Highly analytical, with statistical and computer programming skills matched with a keen awareness of how analytics drives business decision-making
  • Meticulous and thorough and able to provide nuanced understanding of the implications of business insights gained from different data sources
  • Independent yet able to network broadly amongst team members locally and internationally
  • Champion the scientific method internally
  • Experience and ability to work in an ‘Agile’ way to achieve rapid turnaround
  • Love explaining and communicating analytics insights as much as mining the data itself
  • A background in data modelling, physical or social science, statistics, business intelligence

Skills and Experience

  • 4+ years experience in a business intelligence, data science or analytics role
  • And/or post graduate experience in a field with strong data and computational focus
  • University degree in mathematics, computer science or a physical or social science or other technical field
  • Demonstrable skills in data visualization
  • Comfortable programming in at least one language
  • Expert knowledge of at least one analysis tool eg. R, Pig, Hive, SAS etc
Sayara Beg
Thu, Jun 20 2013 13:28 GMT

Cambridge Energy Data Lab (start-up) looking for talented data scientists

What is your responsibilities?

  • Developing a model to identify user electricity behaviour, and predict their future usage. 
  • Identify the key parameter that will have significant influence on user electricity behaviour - weather condition, holiday etc.

You shold know ...

  • At early stage of start-up, so only a few energetic talented people working here. 
  • Financially stable as raised millions of money from Asian investors. So, we can offer competitive salary. 
  • A lot of responsibility, control of your role. At the same time, you need to work proactively. 
  • HQ and Business devision is based in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Cambridge is the Research & Development Centre. (Not only researching, but also developing web applications.)
Sayara Beg
Thu, Jun 20 2013 13:21 GMT

Data Scientist - Research Analysis Big Data as advertised by recruitment firm Stott & May on LinkedIn


This team are responsible for Reference Data accross the entire Bank, and they have recently been mandated to drive effective Reference Data integration within the Investment Bank and Group (Retail, Asset, Wealth). A number of key programmes of work have been mobilised to address key gaps in the Data Strategy front to back and cross divisionally across the bank.

Whilst fixing the foundation on high quality reference data is a given there is also a need to ensure that as a core data service, we are extracting the right value and management information out of the data "assets" we manage on behalf of the firm.

As part of this transformation, we are looking to fill the role of Data Scientist. This role will report directly into the head of GDS Solution Delivery. The Data Scientist will work with Operations, Business and Technology partners to extract value, establish business improvement based linkages and learning/opportunity patterns across Reference Data.

Desired skills & experience:

  • Apply science, research and analytics to Reference Data
  • Identify data patterns and linkages in reference data that will directly improve GDS's key operational metrics and the firms client MIS
  • Present data effectively so that key stakeholders can grasp the key insights from previously untapped linkages
  • Cycle feedback from insights into the broader change initiatives to help improve the underlying data
  • Help educate key stakeholders on the value of reference data and the value of data science Requirements
  • High proficiency in data management, analytics, modelling and business analysis
  • High level of curiosity, intellectual agility, statistical fluency
  • Stamina and resiliency in researching patterns, linkages to business outcomes
  • Scientific and mathematical rigor
  • Credibility, leadership and strong communication skills
  • Ability to abstract, concord and explain detailed concepts, patterns and intelligence to a range of audiences
  • Experience of Big Data, Data Management and Analytical tools
Sayara Beg
Tue, Jun 18 2013 17:50 GMT

Goldsmiths, University of London, are looking for a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Data Science

Application closing date is 23rd June 2013

Sayara Beg
Tue, Jun 18 2013 16:09 GMT

MusicMetric, in Shoreditch, London, UK, are looking for a data scientist


  • Analysing the wealth of data collected by Musicmetric for both one-off projects and products
  • R&D into innovative uses of our data, including future potential products


  • Engineering/Computing/Maths/Physics degree (2.1 or higher)
  • High degree of numeracy
  • Experience of programming in at least one of the following languages: C, C++, Java, Python, FORTRAN
  • Comfortable working in Linux
  • Experience in statistics and/or machine learning techniques
  • Experience of writing scalable code to process large data sets
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technologies

Nice to have:

  • Experience in data visualization of large data sets
  • Experience in Hadoop / Pig / Hive
  • Experience of version control (SVN/Git)
  • HP-35

To apply for this position, send an email to with CV and Covering Letter.