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Analysing the Analysers

Thursday, 27 Jun 2013 (revised date: Friday, 19 Jul 2013)
Sayara Beg

Despite the excitement around data science, big data and analytics, the ambiguity of these terms has led to poor communication between data scientists and organisations seeking their help.

In this report, authors Harlan Harris, Sean Murphy and Marck Valsma examine their survey of serveral hundred data science practioners in mid-2012, when they asked respondents how they viewed their skill, careers and experiences with prospective employers.  The results were striking.

Based on the survey data, the authors found that data scientists today can be clustered into four subgroups, each with a different mix of skillsets.  Their purpose is to identify a new, more precise vocabulary for data science roles, teams and their career paths.


(special thanks to Nigel Philips for finding this report)


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