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Unlocking the Value of Data for Charities and Other Voluntary groups

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2014
Gavin Blackett

Dear All

I thought you might be interested in the following meeting being run by the Society's Third Sector Special Interest Group....

OR In the Third Sector - Afternoon Meeting

Unlocking the Value of Data  for Charities and Other Voluntary  groups

With the advent of fast computers and the internet, the total amount of world data is forecast to grow 50-fold in the next decade, yet only 1% of this data is currently used productively.

This event will explore how charities and voluntary groups can use data to improve their impact and make better decisions.

Our speakers will describe their real life experiences of using data and demonstrate the benefits that effective data analysis has brought to their organisations. The list of speakers includes:

Mat Ilic is the Policy and Research Director of Only Connect.

Mat will talk about how to use data analysis to produce useful evidence in charities

Colin Stewart is a consultant Analyst at Caversham Analytics.

Using maps of data and analysis to support local decision making using quantum GIS and Microsoft Excel.

Tracey Gyateng is the Project Manager for NPC’s "Data for Impact" stream of work.

Tracey will talk about Increasing access to government administrative  datasets to measure the impact of the voluntary and community sector.

Date:                           26th March 2014

Time:                          Start time 15:00 hrs

Venue:                       15 mins walk from London Bridge station, tba.

Price:                          Entry is free of charge

To book your place please e-mail John Holt at


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