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Analytics Network to host various speakers at EY

Tuesday, 3 Apr 2018 (revised date: Friday, 6 Apr 2018)
Hope Meadows

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Venue: EY, 1 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AF
Speaker: Bethan MacKay, Professor Jacqui Taylor, Matthew Robinson and Didier Vila
Date: Thursday, 26 April 2018 at 18:00 - 20:30

The Analytics Network, part of the Operational Research Society, invites you to join to our next event that will take place in EY.

On this ocassion we will have three different speakers from a wide range of industries. Each session will be followed by Q&A. Don't forget, there will be plenty of time for networking, before and after scheduled speakers.


6:00pm-6:30pm Registration

6:30pm-8:00pm Talks

8:00pm-8:30pm Networking


-Bethan Mackay, EY: Health Analytics

Health Analytics: applying different analytical lenses to standard datasets to better inform decision-makers

Hospitals collect a huge range of data points on each of their patients and staff every day and rely on many of these datasets to claim the correct income. This talk will take an example of a recent piece of analytical work carried out for the health sector to show how using a different lens on commonly used datasets has helped organisations gain a better understanding of the issues that they face and assist in more informed decision-making.

Speaker bio:

Bethan is a Manager in the Valuations and Business Modelling team at EY and specialises in Health Analytics. Bethan is a geographer by background and holds an MSc with Distinction in Geographical Information Science. She came to EY from Dr Foster where she was the lead research analyst. She is experienced in working with data from many health systems around the world. She has a special interest in spatial analysis and is the technical lead for EY’s health analytics offering, EY Precision


-Professor Jacqui Taylor, FlyingBinary: Mapping the Future towards the Internet of Things

Mapping the Future towards the Internet of Things 

In her presentation Jacqui will introduce the mega trends which will affect individuals, organisations and nations as we move towards a future where over 80% of the world’s population will be connected online. Never before in human history have we ever witnessed a phenomenon like the world wide web.

The Internet of Things requires an understanding of a new way of communicating with customers and citizens we haven’t yet met. Jacqui will take you on a journey beyond Big Data through Smart Cities towards the Internet of Things. She will share some of the projects her web science company have delivered, and the impact these have had across organisations, nations and globally. She will set the context for the changes the web will bring and the impact it will have on all our careers. An exciting future beckons for all of us who love to work with data.

Speaker bio

Jacqui, Founder, CEO of FlyingBinary, is recognised as one of the 100 most powerful UK entrepreneurs and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of her international web science work. One of the UKs most influential Women in Tech, 34 IoT Influencers on Twitter and 20 global entrepreneurs to watch, and a UK Smart City leader in 2018. She has published four books as an international web scientist and is a Visiting Professor at LSBU.

Jacqui's company has been successfully awarded all nine H.M.Government G-Cloud frameworks underpinning Secured European Cloud Services for Big Data and IoT, which implement GDPR with no reliance on Privacy Shield arrangements.

Jacqui is a Strategic Advisor to the UK Government on Smart Cities and a principle expert for the International British Standards Institute (BSI) team on the top level ISO and JTC 1 Technical Committees for Smart Cities and AI. She is part of the UK CPNI team (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) who have defined the new governance model required to secure the UK Smart Cities using new European Cyber legislation. She is also the Technical Author of 1 BSI and 2 ISO smart city standards. Twitter: @jacquitaylorfb


-Matthew Robinson, IBM: Applying design thinking to Analytics

Applying Design Thinking to Analytics

Visual design of analytics solutions is frequently left until the end of projects when delivery is imminent. Design is the intent behind an outcome and consideration at the start of an analytics project will help successful delivery. This presentation will introduce design principles for analytics projects and the use of design thinking with practical exercises. IBM Design Thinking will be used during the workshop.

The presenter will share recommendations for visual dashboard design to understand what makes a good dashboard visually with practical examples of good and bad practice.  

Matthew Robinson is part of the IBM European Experts Team in Data Science and Business Analytics


-Musa Bilal: Productionising Machine Learning Systems: Challenges and Solutions

QuantumBlack identify most common challenges around taking a machine learning solution from proof-of-concept to production and address potential solutions to those challenges, particularly around ensuring resilience of the solution around changing dynamics of the system.

Musa Bilal is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at QuantumBlack. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology


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