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The Community OR Special Interest Group is changing

Tuesday, 25 Mar 2014 (revised date: Wednesday, 2 Apr 2014)
Huw Evans

During 2013 I undertook to find out whether there was interest in rejuvenating a COR SIG.  As an independent consultant without the infrastructure of a large organisation to draw upon my approach had its limitations but I sought to make it as open and transparent as possible - perhaps as COR focused an approach as possible ....

From a web-based survey of ORS members I received fifty-nine responses, of which thirty-two supported having a COR SIG.  One respondent was not in favour and twenty-five were undecided.  Following on from the survey a workshop was organised at the OR55 conference at Exeter where people sought to explore how a COR SIG could/should be developed.

Since OR55 there have been further discussions and exchanges about how to take the development of a COR SIG forward.  We now have a core group of people interested in developing the COR agenda and it is time to reconstitute a committee and move forwards.

Our first meeting will be an online conference on 26 March 2014.  We'll let you know how it goes.