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Key Note Contributions - Community OR Stream - OR56

Thursday, 22 May 2014
Huw Evans
Posted on behalf of Martha Vahl & Eliseo Luis Vilalta-perdomo
Keynote OR56  Proposal call for contributions

This year’s  Keynote will have the format of a series of short presentations by participants about Community OR as well as a discussion. The aim is to explore our views about the future of COR as well as about its purpose and remit. A refereed summary is considered. It also will feed into the Community OR Special Interest Group, which aims to facilitate future activities with those interested.

We are thinking of 6 minutes presentations. If possible, technically, we can also consider pre recorded video or skype- type of presentations. If necessary we can fill the slot of an hour with pitches and take the next slot of 30 mins for a plenary discussion.
COR Keynote contributions
So far, we have got positive responses to do a 6 minutes pitch as part of the COR Keynote from:
- Alejandro Ochoa Arias - through video or video link, if he can’t  come the UK
- Eliseo Vilalta Perdomo
- Gerard de Zeeuw
- Martha Vahl
- Huw Evans
We urgently need your brief outlines (one paragraph) of your contributions by 29 May as the deadline for Keynote abstracts is due on May 30.  More contributions are welcome so, please submit, we can extend the keynote with the next  30 minutes slot to finish and have a discussion.
COR stream presentations
To date there are no submissions registered through the conference abstract system. All potential presenters must submit their abstracts through the OR website. See timetable below. We usually have some flexibility in the deadlines, but not beyond 2 July as the programme needs to be set and the abstracts printed.
Please let us know if you intend to present, even if you want to wait until the last moment to register. 
January 2014
Submission of abstracts starts
30 May 2014
Deadline for submission of Titles and abstracts in time to appear in the Conference Program.
30 May 2014
Deadline for submission of full Keynote Papers and Extended Abstracts.
21 June 2014
Notification of Acceptance to be sent re Keynote Papers and Extended Abstracts.
30 June 2014
Deadline for early reduced registration fee
02 July 2014
Deadline for final revision of abstracts.  Normally abstracts are submitted at the same time as the paper title, but there is scope for presenters to make changes up to this date.
18 July 2014
Deadline for registration if the abstract or paper is to be scheduled for presentation.  Thereby ensuring their talk will appear in the final programme.  The conference committee reserve the right to exclude papers if bookings are not made by this date.