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O.R. to be at the heart of science, technology and mathematics celebrations

Thursday, 30 Jul 2015 (revised date: Thursday, 30 Jul 2015)
Jeffrey Jones

Charlene Timewell, Education Officer

Authorised vehicles only. Lydia (2011)
IMAGE: Authorised vehicles only. Lydia (2011).

This year, the British Science Festival will be taking place between 7 – 10th September. The University of Bradford, supported by Siemens, will be hosting the Festival’s exciting free events, talks and performances.

Kevin Glazebrook, current President of the Mathematics Section of the British Science Association and Distinguished Professor in Operational Research at Lancaster University, will be joined by Vincent Knight, a lecturer in Operational Research at the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University. In the Presidential Address, they will discuss how Operational Research is being used to reduce congestion at airports and to ensure emergency medical services are delivered efficiently. This event will be followed by a drinks reception, which is sponsored by The OR Society and the London Mathematical Society.

Mathematics Section Presidential Address: Advanced airports and on-time ambulances

Time: 16.30-17.30
Date: Tuesday 8th September
Venue: Richmond F21, University of Bradford

Book your free tickets online (

Kevin Glazebrook recently directed the LANCS Initiative and co-founded the STOR-I Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistics and OR in partnership with industry at Lancaster. He is a stochastic modeller and is part of the team, along with Konstantinos Zografos ( and Edmund Burke (, directing a major new EPSRC programme grant concerned with the development of models and algorithms for allocating airport resources. Kevin was awarded the Beale Medal of The OR Society in 2013 (

Vincent Knight obtained his PhD in pure mathematics in 2010. After this he was a research associate at Cardiff before taking up his present post. He has experience in the application of mathematics to solving real world problems faced by the National Health Service and is passionate about sharing his enthusiasm for the subject. Vince particularly enjoys Queueing Theory and Game Theory.


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