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The supply and training of O.R. people: Bids for 2 Charitable Projects

Friday, 23 Oct 2015
Jeffrey Jones

There is a large job market for people with O.R. skills, but at the same time there is a considerable shortage of people with the required skill set.  The OR Society intends to review the recruitment of people into O.R, and the training that the Society can provide. For this purpose, the Society is calling for bids for two charitable projects, on the O.R supply chain, and a strategic review of the Society training programme. The deadline for both is the 30th November.


Understanding the O.R. Supply Chain in the UK

The supply chain for O.R. workers is becoming more complex with less-and-less reliance on the traditional entry route of a Masters in O.R.  Indeed, there are many undergraduate and postgraduate courses which teach at least some elements of O.R.  These courses are provided from a range of disciplinary backgrounds: Business, Management, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, and Engineering. Some of these courses are “pure” O.R., some of them have a strong O.R. element such as analytics, operations management, logistics, and supply chain.  Moreover, there are O.R. practitioners who have not taken O.R. courses.

 Given this situation there is a need for academics, practitioners, employers and the O.R. Society to better understand the supply chain for O.R. from school level through to early career employment.  This can then form the basis for determining how to improve the supply of workers into O.R. We are commissioning a piece of work to investigate the O.R. supply chain.  This article is a call for proposals.

For details of what is required, and how to apply click on Supply.


Strategic Training Review

The O.R. Society offers an annual training programme consisting of over 20 courses varying in length from 0.5 – 5 days, covering a range of O.R.-related topics from the introductory to the advanced. The majority of courses are open to members and non-members; some courses are bespoke and delivered in-house for client organisations.

There are regular discussions about ways in which the Society’s training programmes could be improved. This inevitably leads to questions around the marketing of courses, the topics covered, electronic delivery, pricing etc. Underlying this discussion is a general sense that training could be improved for the Society, our members and non-members. The aim of this project is to review the Society’s training offering and to make proposals for how this should evolve. 

 For details of what is required, and how to apply click on Training.


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