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OR Essentials

Wednesday, 6 Apr 2016
Jeffrey Jones

OR Essentials is an exciting new concept. Our journals provide an important platform for disseminating knowledge across the vast field of what has become accepted as operational research. But if you are looking for papers on a specific technique or methodology or OR has been applied in specific area, searching through these journals for the best papers requires the knowledge and expertise of an expert. And that is precisely what OR Essentials is capturing.

The OR Essentials series presents a unique cross-section of high quality research work fundamental to understanding contemporary issues and research across a range of Operational Research (OR) topics. It brings together some of the best research papers from the Operational Research Society and its associated journals, published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Our discipline of OR deals with the use of advanced analytical methods to support better decision making. It is multidisciplinary with strong links to management science, decision science, computer science and many application areas. It is practised in these application areas including commerce, defence, energy, environment, education, engineering, finance, health, logistics, manufacturing, public sector, services, and transportation. Each of the above has additional theoretical, methodological and technological subdomains. In short, there are a huge number of OR-related topics. As a discipline it has many “sub-fields” making it difficult for a student or novice to know where to begin! The OR Essentials series will help.

Each of the books in the series, and so far there are six with a further two in the pipeline, covers a particular topic. Dr Simon J E Taylor, Brunel University London, who developed the concept, is the series editor and the editor of the first book in the series: Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation. This was quickly joined by OR, Defence and Security (Forder); Operational Research Applied to Sports (Wright); Operational Research for Emergency Planning in Healthcare (Vol 1 & 2) (Mustafee) and; Essentials of Knowledge Management (Edwards). The two on the way are on System Dynamics and Discrete-event simulation and will be available shortly.

An OR Essentials book is therefore a convenient publication and key text that makes it easier for a student to find important publications when studying an element of OR, help an academic to recommend to his/her class background readings in an area of OR in a convenient manner and promotes industrial dissemination in OR. For a practitioner an OR Essential book represents important research papers that summarises an area of OR in an easily accessible form.

More details can be found at If you want to discuss a possible new title in the series then please contact the editor at


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