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Embedding Analytics at the heart of Marks & Spencer

Monday, 18 Jul 2016 (revised date: Monday, 18 Jul 2016)
Rob Chidley

Abstract: A number of vital decisions are made across large organizations each day. Providing insight to support better decision making is essential in today’s competitive landscape, leading companies to become more data driven. One enabling element of this data-driven movement is the evolution of new technologies, such as the Hadoop stack, that allow greater access to large sources of information from which insight can be derived. However, the implementation of big data technology does not guarantee success within an organization. So how do you drive value from big data? Drawing on first-hand experience at Marks and Spencer, Pete Williams shares practical examples and advice on how to take your data culture and capability from walk to trot to gallop. Topics include:

  • The skills required to implement analytic approaches
  • The impact of proactive analytics on existing analytic behaviors
  • The structuring of analytic functions within a company
  • Building the links between business and analytic functions


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