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Journal of the Operational Research Society: December 2016

Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017
Jeffrey Jones

This edition, Volume 67, Issue 12, December 2016 is now available on this website, and is being distributed by post to those who requested that.

In this issue there are 9 articles, all very interesting. Members may particularly be interested in the update to the Duckworth-Lewis method for adjusting scores and targets in one-day cricket. This method, designed by our member Tony Lewis (with statistician Frank Duckworth), is used on all professional cricket grounds around the world.

The 9 papers are:

A mega-trend-diffusion grey forecasting model for short-term manufacturing demand - Che-Jung Chang, Liping Yu, Peng Jin

Determining common weights in data envelopment analysis based on the satisfaction degree - Jie Wu, Junfei Chu, Qingyuan Zhu, Yongjun Li

Analysing the use of cognitive maps in an experiment on a group decision process - Annielli A R Cunha, Danielle C Morais

The Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method: extending the Duckworth-Lewis methodology to deal with modern scoring rates - Steven E Stern

Guiding interventions in a multi-organisational context: combining the Viable System Model and Hierarchical Process Modelling for use as a Problem Structuring Method - David Lowe, Louise Martingale
Hierarchical game joint optimization for product family-driven modular design - Shuang Ma, Gang Du, Jianxin (Roger) Jiao

DEA with non-monotonic variables. Application to EU governments’ macroeconomic efficiency - Gabriel Villa, Sebastián Lozano

Minimizing maximum cost on a single machine with two competing agents and job rejection - Baruch Mor, Gur Mosheiov



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