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Simulation Special Interest Group
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Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015
Martin Kunc

The 8th simulation workshop takes place 11-13th April 2016 at Ettington chase hotel, Stratford-upon-avon.


The biennial OR Society Simulation Workshop brings together operational researchers working as applied practitioners and researchers in the field of simulation.  SW16 is the premier UK operational research conference focussed on simulation methods and covers all methods and applications areasFull call for papers is attached.



23 October 2015: Submit electronically contributed papers not previously published or presented. Submission instructions can be found at Each submission must be a 4-10 page paper (10-15 pages for the beginner/advanced tutorial stream), including an abstract of less than 150 words. Submission implies that an author will pay to attend the workshop to present the paper, and all clearance required for publication of the paper will be obtained by 12 February, 2016.

15 January 2016: Contributors will be notified whether or not their paper has been accepted.   

12 February 2016: Authors provide the final manuscript for inclusion in the conference proceedings. These should be in the format required for the conference. Author instructions are available at

12 February 2016: Submit Poster title and abstract of 150 words. These should be submitted using the electronic submission form for full contributed papers. Submission implies that an author will register and pay to attend the conference. Posters abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings and should follow the guidelines for conference papers.


If you require any further information on paper or poster submission, please contact the programme or poster chairs


Sent on behalf of the SW16 organising committee


  • Dr Christine Currie – Conference co-chair
  • Dr Thomas Monks – Conference co-chair
  • Dr Martin Kunc – Programme chair
  • Dr Anastasia Anagnostou – Programme chair
  • Dr Katy Hoad – Programme chair
  • Dr Anastasia Gogi – Poster Chair


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