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SW18 – submit your simulation posters today!

Saturday, 25 Nov 2017
Cara Quinton

Poster submission deadline 8th Janurary 2018

Submit 150 word abstract:

There is a little known fact about the OR Society simulation workshop.  In addition to our programme of talks and tutorials we also provide a poster stream that is open to delegates from practice, simulation software development and research!   

The biennial conference is taking place 19th – 21st March at the Ettington Chase Hotel in Stratford, UK.  We are hoping that this year we can fill the walls with posters! 

We are often asked – ‘could I have submitted a poster to the conference?’  The answer is yes!  The poster stream is open to all delegates.  Below is a short, but definitely not exhaustive, list of suggestions about what a poster might contain: 

  • An overview of a simulation case study either complete or in progress; 
  • An overview of a simulation research project either complete or in progress; 
  • A description of an important issue in simulation research or practice; 
  • A description of a new way to visualise simulation results; 
  • An overview of a piece of simulation software; 
  • Insights from practice about how to successfully run simulation studies; 
  • Links between simulation and analytics; 
  • Links between simulation and behavioural OR

In addition to bringing a poster along to the conference each delegate is given one minute to provide an elevator pitch talk.   This is an opportunity to tell other conference delegates why they should view your poster and come and talk to you!   

Poster delegates are also entered into the best poster competition judged by a prestigious panel of simulation practitioners and academics.  If you fancy winning our advice is to get creative with your poster design! 

The call for posters is open until the 8th January 2018.  By this time you need to submit a title and 150 word abstract.  You then need to create your poster and remember to bring it to the conference! 

Guidelines for poster format can be found on the conference site:  


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