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Adding a document to the Document Repository - Reg SocsLouise Allison27/03/201701.0
Reg Soc & SIG Twitter TipsLouise Allison03/07/201501.1
Adding a blog post to the websiteLouise Allison02/07/201501.1
Adding a meeting to the websiteLouise Allison02/07/201501.1
Applications of Systems Thinking - Systems ChangeRob Abercombie23/03/201701.0
YOR20 Abstract Listing (PDF)YOR20 Cttee22/03/201701.0
YOR20 Programme Outline (PDF)YOR20 Cttee23/01/201701.3
Index to IOR legacy files deposited to dateJohn Friend03/02/201701.1
Beale lecture 2017: Linking Public Policy WorldsJohn Friend03/03/201701.1
SW18 Key Dates (PDF)SW18 Cttee15/03/201701.0
ISMOR 33 – the current state of O.R. applied to military problemsNoel Corrigan01/09/201601.0
29th International Symposium on Military Operational Research (ISMOR)Noel Corrigan01/10/201201.0
Contributions from OR Practice to a Useful Theory of Public PolicyJohn Friend08/09/201401.0
Student exercise on policy for dealing with gang culture in the Peruvian port of Callao using STRAD softwareStudent team, Pontifica Universidad Católica del Peru03/04/201201.1
Introductory slides to a short course on the Strategic Choice ApproachJohn Friend, Leroy White06/12/201701.1

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