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Onward from IFORS 2002: next steps in OR for Susta John Friend and Jackie Phahlamohlaka23/09/200201.0
The Use of Decision Conferencing within MOD Centre Mr Andrew Robertson 23/07/200201.0
O.R. In Development: Action Points from the IFORS Conference Report by Dick Martin23/09/200201.0
Does OR have a place in knowledge management?John S. Edwards19/08/200201.0
What UK managers think about knowledge management Prof John Edwards19/08/200201.0
Estimating the risk of mid-air collision in UK upper airspaceMarcus Dacre15/08/200201.0
Visioning the future of ORFrances O’Brien & Maureen Meadows12/01/200401.1
Meta-Analysis of Strategic FuturesMike Purvis07/11/200201.0
Futures Methods and their use in Strategic AnalysisBen Bolland05/08/200201.0

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