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Creating the Basis for Decision - Then and NowIan Mitchell01/10/201711.0
Full STEAM ahead for Operational Research and Design?Geoff Royston, Alexander Komashie04/10/201601.0
OR58 MAI - Sign Up to Your Mentor (PDF)MAI Cttee01/09/201601.2
OR58 Programme Outline (Word)OR58 Cttee03/07/201601.1
OR58 Programme Outline (PDF)OR58 Cttee03/07/201601.1
OR58 Abstract Timetable (PDF)OR58 Cttee02/09/201601.3
OR58 Titles and Abstract Text (PDF)OR58 Cttee15/08/201601.2
Dissent -- Let's Agree to DisagreeFred Cameron03/09/201601.0
OR58 Travel Information (PDF)OR58 Conf. organiser23/08/201601.0
OR58 Practical Information (PDF)OR58 Conf. organiser23/08/201601.0
OR58 Keynote Papers (PDF)OR58 Keynote Editor23/08/201601.0
OR58 MAI - Making an Impact Brochure (PDF)MAI Cttee27/07/201601.7
OR58 Poster Guidelines (Word)OR58 Cttee03/07/201601.3
OR58 Poster Guidelines (PDF)OR58 Cttee03/07/201601.3
OR58 BOR Panel (Word)OR58 Cttee07/07/201601.0

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