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Why do simple combat models favour the attacker? Dr Paul Syms14/09/200701.0
Modelling the Whole Health Service: Just a Pipe Dream?Dr David Halsall14/09/200701.0
A Methodology to Evaluate the Usability of Digital Socialization in ‘Virtual’ Engineering DesignAmjad El-Tayeh, Nuno Gil, Jim Freeman17/09/200701.0
Optimal strategies for betting on HI-LO. A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Analysis Dr James Freeman17/09/200701.0
Transport and CO2 EmissionsJohn Swanson18/09/200701.0
5 compelling reasons to build quick simulations usingAnne Shade18/09/200701.0
Strategic Modelling for Progression and Retention of Students in Secondary School Education in SarawakRabyah M Mansor18/09/200701.0
Feedback Systems Thinking and SSM - some reflectionsDr John Morecroft18/09/200701.0
Fish and Ships - the dynamics of fisheriesDr John Morecroft18/09/200701.0
System Dynamics in the UK Prof Susan Howick18/09/200701.0
Long Term Instability in CSIRTs Jose Gonzalez19/09/200701.0
System Dynamics at Capgemini Alex Galezowski19/09/200701.0
Reasoning with incomplete information Tracey Enderwick21/09/200701.0
Friendly fire - learning lessons from historyPaul Syms, Dstl21/09/200701.0
Using Bayesian Methods to Assess Fund Management Yun Fan21/09/200701.0

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