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Mind the Model Mr Gerry Weston11/10/200401.0
What-if? analysis for lifecycle asset management planning Dr Crispin Allard15/10/200401.0
Target Build Life and Variance ReductionDr John Crocker23/09/200401.0
Using System Dynamics to better understand police performanceMr Ian Newsome15/10/200401.0
Overcoming the key challenges to achieving accurate demand forecasts in competitive energy markets Mr Nigel Lewis08/10/200401.0
Electricity Portfolio OptimisationMr David Noble23/09/200401.0
Exploring the Use of Problem Structuring Methods in the Context of Applied Research Projects: The Development of a Systemic Textual Analysis MethodDr. Giles Hindle11/10/200401.0
Competitive Advantage under an Resource-Based Value Paradigm: revealing the role of cognitive asymmetriesMartin Kunc and John Morecroft 11/10/200401.0
Journey Making group workshops as a research tool Duncan Shaw and John S. Edwards11/10/200401.0
Beyond PSMs : A Critical Systems Approach to the FurtherMike Jackson and Steve Clarke 11/10/200401.0
Problem Structuring Methods for Inter-organisational CollaborationL. Alberto Franco11/10/200401.0
Problem Structuring Methods in the Context of Methodological PluralismSteve Clarke and Michael C. Jackson11/10/200401.0
Making Sense of Rich Pictures: Combining SSM and Oval Mapping Mike Cushman and Will Venters11/10/200401.0
Structuring Literature ReviewsMichel Leseure & Hassan Atif07/10/200401.0
On the Nature of Rational Commitment in Robustness AnalysisDr. Ashley Carreras07/10/200401.0

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