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“Playing Seriously” with Strategic Management: A Case Study Matching Role Playing and System Dynamics to Develop SCM PoliciesFederico Barnabè22/10/201201.0
Dynamic Collection Scheduling using Vehicle Routing and Remote Asset Monitoring: A Case Study with OxfamFraser McLeod03/10/201201.0
Co-ordinated Operation of Queues at Congested Arterial Signalised IntersectionsCésar Dario Velandia02/10/201201.0
Data Analysis in the Water Industry: A Good Practice Guide from an Application in Scottish WaterEfthalia Anagnostou and Deborah Gee 02/10/201201.0
A Practical Approach to Time to Default Forecasting: Stochastic Parametric Modelling with Macroeconomic Variables and Unobserved Consumer HeterogeneityVadim Melnitchouk 02/10/201201.0
Phasing the introduction of a revised general practitioner funding formulaOrville D'Silva, Dave Worthington & James Crosbie24/09/201201.0
When to use Virtual Hold Technology in Call Centre OperationsDave Worthington & Chris Kirkbride, Lancaster University24/09/201201.0
Preparing your data for Advanced AnalyticsSayara Beg04/09/201201.0
An Agile Approach to Knowledge Discovery of Web Log DataPaul Lam18/09/201201.0
SWOT Analysis using General Morphological Analysis: A Pharmaceutical Case Study for New Business DriversNasir Hussain18/09/201201.0
A Queueing Model for Approximating Indirect Waiting Times in Specialty ClinicsNavid Izady 18/09/201201.0
A decision making frameworkJulian Benavides, Juan Felipe Henao17/09/201201.0
Understanding the Problems - Applying Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) for Better Regulation Ian Mitchell, FORS13/09/201201.0
A Great Deluge Based Learning Hyper-heuristic for Multi-objective OptimisationMiss Mashael Maashi, Prof Graham Kendall and Dr Ender Ozcan 06/09/201201.0
Using modelling to facilitate collaboration in the NHSNick Jones06/09/201201.0

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