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Special Interest Groups

Verification & Validation of ModelsProfessor Stewart Robinson15/03/201801.0
Impact of the Prison-based Core Sex Offender Treatment programmeMews, Purver, Di Bella15/03/201801.0
CAP launch event slidesFelicity McLeister06/02/201801.0
Visual analytics for sense-making in Criminal Intelligence AnalysisProfessor William Wong27/11/201701.0
Good Enough for Government workIan Mitchell FORS26/11/201701.0
Impact MeasuremntDavid Wrigley14/11/201701.0
Age UK - Pro Bono reflectionsJohn Newman14/11/201701.0
Introduction to Impact MeasuremntRosie McLeod and Mark Graham14/11/201701.0
Theory of ChangeRuth Kaufman14/11/201701.0
Social Return on Investment WorkshopJamie Douglas14/11/201701.1
CJS Demand ForecastingAlex Dunnett26/06/201701.0
Measuring the impact of Police PatrolsOli Hutt22/06/201701.0
NHSI Analytics Hub & a Glimpse into the FutureIain Wallen10/05/201701.0
NHS Improvement Analytical TransformationJhung-Ha Kwon10/05/201701.0
Introduction to AphAPaul Stroner10/05/201701.0

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