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A Balanced Scorecard for the Inland Revenue.M Hudson12/01/200401.0
Forming & testing a workbook based methodology for Business Process Improvement.S Adesola & T Baines12/01/200401.0
OR in ECGD: Delivering and in-house consultancy at a time of strategic changeR Kaufman12/01/200401.0
Strategic Project Management in the UK upstream Oil & Gas industryR Dyson12/01/200401.0
Developing a measure of Customer Relationship ManagementM Meadows & S Dibb12/01/200401.0
Visioning the future of ORFrances O’Brien & Maureen Meadows12/01/200401.1
Determining the linkages between strategic direction setting and performance measurement systems: a case study of the University of Warwick.E Tapinos12/01/200401.0

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