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Starting to Build a Useful Science of Public Policy Choice

Starting to Build a Useful Science of Public Policy ChoiceJohn Friend16/12/201401.0

Starting to Build a Useful Science of Public Policy Choice

John Friend

Mini Abstract:
This is the final report on a short project entitled The Future Policy Influence of OR which was conducted between September 2013 and June 2014 and supported by a small grant from the Operational Research Society’s Charitable investments Fund. The project celebrated the 50th anniversary of an earlier strategic initiative in 1963, when the Society co-sponsored the launch of an Institute for Operational Research, as a new unit of the not-for-profit Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London, with the ambition of enhancing OR’s contributions to the development of public policies, in association with the applied social sciences. The legacy of innovation that has resulted from that early initiative has now had a worldwide influence on both the practice and the theory of public policy design. This is viewed as a collaborative process which brings together participatory approaches to the structuring of policy problems; the structuring of progress towards agreed outcomes; and the structuring of engagement of representatives of all affected interests. The report concludes with some suggestions for further investment in skills, technology and research to build on these foundations. The immediate outcomes of the project included a public presentation to senior UK civil servants of successful applications of participatory approaches to policy design in June 2014; and the formation of a new Special Interest Group of the OR Society to develop further initiatives.

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