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Index to IOR legacy files deposited to date

Index to IOR legacy files deposited to dateJohn Friend03/02/201701.2

Index to IOR legacy files deposited to date

John Friend

Mini Abstract:
This index file brings together for easy reference abstracts of all the files that have so far been deposited in the IOR legacy section of the document repository on the OR Society’s website, updated to February 2017. Each abstract includes a web link pointing to the location of the full document on this website. The index currently contains 28 abstracts. In date order, starting with the initial proposal by Neil Jessop in 1962 for the launch of a new research centre to extend the reach of operational research by strengthening its links with the social sciences that was endorsed by its two parent bodies, the Operational Research Society and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. It includes later unpublished documents relating both to the subsequent development of IOR and to significant projects and events. Further documents refer to activities in which members of a dispersed “IOR School” and champions in various parts of the world worked after the dissolution of IOR in 1985, within a more integrated management structure of the Tavistock Institute. For completeness, the legacy index concludes with an annotated selection of references to published books and articles that have made significant contributions over the same period.

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