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Beale lecture 2017: Linking Public Policy Worlds

Beale lecture 2017: Linking Public Policy WorldsJohn Friend03/03/201701.1

Beale lecture 2017: Linking Public Policy Worlds

John Friend

Mini Abstract:
This file contains the sequence of 30 PowerPoint slides that I presented at the OR Society’s national event on 2 March 2017 at the Royal Society in London, following the award to me in 2015 of the OR Society Beale Medal. This medal is awarded each year in memory of the late Martin Beale, to give formal recognition to a sustained contribution over many years to the theory, practice or philosophy of OR in the UK. My lecture title had a subtitle of Working together to shape public policy choices, indicating the orientation towards practice of the programme of work in public policy that grew from the foundation in 1963 of the Institute for Operational Research, in which the formative years of my career were spent. The notes page attached to each slide serves both to give an indication of the sequence of points that I intended to make in my verbal presentation – with punch lines marked in red – and also a set of references – in blue - to literature and internet sources which will help in following the points presented in that slide.

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