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Tue 20 Jun

  Criminal Justice
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INFORMS Telecommunications Conference 2018
University of Hamburg, Germany
23 - 25 May 2018
15th ESICUP workshop
Zoetermeer, Netherlands
23 - 25 May 2018
Advances in the Theory of Nonlinear Waves
Northumbria University,
23 - 25 May 2018

Advertising Online and in Printed Publications

The OR Society’s advertising for jobs, products and services is delivered through two channels; its website and its monthly news magazine Inside O.R.

To place an advertisement or for additional information, contact Jennie Phelps ( at the OR Society +44(0)121 233 9300.

To see the current advertisements, see the 'Advertisements', or 'Job Advertisements' page.


Website Advertising

Website advertising is achieved through a banner bar displayed on website pages and a listing on the jobs/products/services advertising page.  Both the listing and banner bar link through to a PDF.

Each time a website visitor loads a webpage a banner bar is ‘selected’ from those active at the time.  Effectively, as a visitor moves from page to page (or refreshes a page), a different active banner bar is displayed each time.

At present, the adverts presented in this way are available to all website visitors; viewing is NOT restricted to members only.

Inside O.R.  Advertising

Advertising via the monthly news magazine Inside O.R. is delivered in two media; printed hardcopy and electronic copy.  Adverts are offered in half or full page size; the same basic price applies to both.

Printed (colour) copies are currently sent to approximately 1100 members.

An email directing readers to the electronic version (currently a PDF) is sent to all members (approximately 2500).  Members have to log-in to the website to view the electronic version.

In the period between issues, a further electronic bulletin is emailed to all members.  This carries a reminder to look at the most recent issue, links to adverts and a diary of events and training courses.


The offered pricing model is a simple one; there is no price difference for advertising appointments, products or services.  Prices are offered for advertising in Inside O.R. and on the website, or a small reduction is offered for website advertising only.  A special rate is offered for academic posts.  The same price applies to half and full page adverts in Inside OR, and there is no additional charge for colour.

Type of advertising Price per calendar month, £
Inside O.R. + Website 800
Website only 600
Academic posting 100

All prices are subject to the addition of VAT (ads for jobs overseas excluded).

Agency Discount

A discount of 10% is offered to agency-commissioned bookings. 

Please note that this is NOT offered for bookings at the special academic posting rate.

Serial Insertion Discount

If advertising is booked for consecutive months, the first insertion is charged at full rate, the second is discounted by 2.5%, and the third and subsequent bookings by 5%.

Please note that this is NOT offered for bookings at the special academic posting rate.

Loose Leaf Inserts

Please contact Jennie Phelps to discuss pricing for this service.

Making A Booking

To place an advert, please contact Jennie Phelps:

Direct line: +44 (0)121 234 7818
General line: +44 (0)121 233 9300
Fax: +44 (0)121 233 0321

You will need to supply the following information by the relevant copy deadline:

  1. A Purchase Order number;
  2. The booking type – standard, website only or academic listing
  3. Confirmation of the size of advert required for Inside O.R. (full or half page); and
  4. Invoicing contact name and address.

Copy Deadlines

Bookings: 10th of preceding month.
Copy: 11th of preceding month
Ready Printed Inserts: 15th of preceding month

The printed and electronic copies of Inside O.R. are generally sent around 23rd of preceding month.  A detailed schedule is available.

Copy Requirements

For the advert, we require a high resolution, camera-ready PDF, EPS, JPG or TIFF file to the appropriate dimensions (see below).

For the banner bar, we require a JPG or GIF to the appropriate dimensions (see below). If you are unable to supply graphics for the banner, an appropriate clickable message will be displayed in a standard text format.

Type of advert Advert
(mm down x mm across)
Website banner
(pixels down x pixels across)
Website banner
(pixels down x pixels across)
E-bulletin banner
(pixels down x pixels across)
Page 245 x 160 81 x 685 81 x 633 61 x 387
Half page 120 x 160 81 x 685 81 x 633 NA


Notice to advertisers submitting copy electronically

Due to variations in the way that different devices may output files, when advertisements are submitted in digital form there exists a possibility of variations occurring in word flow and the appearance of certain graphics between the originally created version of the advertisement and the final print.  It is impossible for us to identify any such variations unless we are provided with hard copy against which we can check.

We therefore regret that we cannot accept responsibility for variations or errors in the final print of digitally submitted advertisements or allow credits in respect of such variations unless we are provided with a colour printout of the advertisement, which must reach this office by the copy submission date.