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Awards - The Beale Medal

The OR Society's Beale Medal is awarded in memory of the late Martin Beale. It gives recognition to a sustained contribution over many years to the theory, practice, or philosophy of O.R. in the UK, or to some combination of those areas. For each year, nominations are required by the 30th April of that year. The rules and conditions are set out below.

Citation for Beale Medal 2017

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson and Ruth Kaufman

Mike Jackson Mike Jackson is awarded the Beale Medal for an outstanding and sustained contribution to OR that has taken place in five key phases: an initial critique of Soft OR (1982-1985); a proposal for methodological pluralism to overcome the Hard/Soft divide (1984-1987); a description of an ‘enhanced OR’ approach that acknowledges the complexities, uncertainties and conflicts regularly encountered in OR practice (1987-1988); the further development and popularization of his enhanced OR approach under the banners of ‘Critical Systems Thinking’ and ‘Total Systems Intervention’ (1990-1999); and finally, the consolidation of his work in a mature presentation of his perspective (2000-2003).