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Awards - The Elsie Cropper Award

This award was instituted in memory of Elsie May Cropper, a senior member of the Operational Research Executive (ORE) of British Coal, who died in service in 1989, aged 44 years. Elsie had always been a strong supporter of sandwich students who worked for a year in industry as part of their degree, and the fund set up in her name initially supported grants for books for such students.  These grants are no longer offered.  The award is now given for the best paper presented at the Society’s biennial Young OR conferences.  The award takes the form of a replica shield, with the winner’s name being added to the Elsie Cropper Shield, held at the Society’s offices.

(Komal Safdar, accepting award from President Stewart Robinson)


Previous Winners:

  • 2017 (YOR20) - Jordy Batselier, University of Ghent
  • 2015 (YOR19) - Komal Safdar, Aston University
  • 2013 (YOR18) - Gary Preece
  • 2011 (YOR17) - Elisabeth zu Erbach-Schoenberg
  • 2009 (YOR16) - Sangeeta Sardiwal 

(Right - The picture shows Gary Preece accepting award from President Geoff Royston)