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Awards - Griffiths Medal

The Griffiths Medal is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of health systems published in the journal Health Systems within the relevant period.

Citation for Griffiths Medal 2013/2014

Holly O. Witteman, Quebec, Canada
James E. Stahl, Dartmouth, USA

Facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration to tackle complex problems in health care: report from an exploratory workshop. 
Health Systems, 2, 162–170

This innovative paper presents a disciplined exploration of four very different workshop techniques for facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration for solving complex problems in healthcare. Using case studies of typical complex, intractable, healthcare problems it highlights a number of important but often inadequately recognised aspects of health systems work, particularly the need to allow for different perspectives, to integrate analytical and design approaches to problem structuring and solving, and to exploit visual and other aids to creativity. The work has already been applied and the tools should help a range of professionals in both the Health IiS and the OR community enhance their capability to tackle complex problems in health care.