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Careers Open Day 2017

  • Actica Consulting  (more information)
  • Aston Business School  (more information)
  • AWE  (more information)
  • British Airways  (more information)
  • Capgemini  (more information)
  • Cardiff University  (more information)
  • Datatech Analytics  (more information)
  • decisionLab  (more information)
  • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL)  (more information)
  • EY  (more information)
  • GORS  (more information)
  • Home Office  (more information)
  • IBM  (more information)
  • Jaguar Land Rover  (more information)
  • Lancaster University  (more information)
  • Loughborough University  (more information)
  • Movement Strategies   (more information)
  • NATS  (more information)
  • RINA Consulting  (more information)
  • Roke  (more information)
  • Tesco (more information)
  • The Information Lab (more information)
  • The Smith Institute (more information)
  • TUI Travel PLC (more information)
  • University of Southampton (more information)

  • Actica Consulting

    Actica Consulting is an expanding Management and Technical Consultancy working on some of the most nationally critical technology projects. We specialise in delivering complex projects to challenging timescales. Some of our customers include MOD, NHS, Fire Services, Police Forces, and the MOJ.
    Our focus on an organisation’s people, processes and technology gives us a real edge and we always keep the client at the heart of every engagement.

    All of our consultants have a detailed and systematic approach to solving even the most difficult problems so, if you crave a challenge and have a numerate or O.R. degree, please apply


    Aston Business School

    Excellent employment opportunities, Aston Business School is in the top 10 in the world for careers (FT Masters in Management 2013).
    With a growing demand for data analysts, an MSc in Business Analytics will help you get the skills and knowledge to secure a graduate job in specialist roles such as consultant, data analyst, manager or business analyst.
    Our MSc Business Analytics has been designed to help you gain the skills and qualifications needed to pursue a career in business analytics. Big data and business analytics are areas where employers are finding increasing difficulty in recruiting graduates with the right qualifications and skills. There is a growing demand for these roles, but also a significant gap between current graduates’ analytical skills and employers’ needs. By completing this course, you will improve your employability by gaining the expertise needed to analyse big data, improve decision-making and help companies gain a competitive advantage.
    Hence, this course will equip you with the quantitative skills needed to understand and engage with complex data as well as the analytical tools to drive business advantage. You will deepen your knowledge of business analytics, web analytics, data mining and management consultancy with a view to using that knowledge to improve the decision-making process in business.
    We have range of MSc courses to choose including: MSc Business Analytics, and MSc Information Systems and Business Analysis.

    For full list of our MSc courses please visit or contact Professor Ali Emrouznejad (



    AWE has been central to the defence and security of the UK for over 60 years providing and supporting warheads for the UK’s nuclear deterrent. We are proud of our world-class research, design and production facilities through which we deploy extensive science, engineering and technology capabilities.

    As a trusted partner, we use our skills and capabilities to assist the UK Government in the development of national emergency response arrangements as well as the delivery of a range of innovative and integrated support services, including radiation protection advice and training, and national nuclear security. Through our links with industry and institutions such as universities, professional bodies and government agencies, we build upon and share knowledge to further develop defence and national security capabilities.

    For more information visit


    British Airways

    Flying is a complex business, which makes the airline industry one of the most varied and intensely challenging environments to manage. Making the right decisions on network, fleet, sales, marketing, operational logistics and customer loyalty to name but a few is key to British Airways success. Our Operational Research team uses analytical skills to support decision-making, initiate change and make key issues less complex. In fact, they’re critical to taking our business forward. Working closely with people at all levels, you’ll be involved with high profile projects right across the organisation.

    For more information please visit:



    Capgemini is one of the world’s leading suppliers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services – but we’re not a traditional supplier.  Clients see us as their partner, and what makes us different is the Collaborative Business Experience. That’s about sharing our deep knowledge and expertise with our clients, applying cutting-edge business and IT solutions and creating results that last. It’s also about the way we work with one another, through teamwork, shared goals, mutual support and respect.
    Our business analytics consultancy specialises in the application of data science to complex business problems. Our team is made up of experienced business consultants with a mathematical background: typically a minimum of a master’s degree in statistical science. Often our team is engaged early by clients to identify which business challenges can be transformed through analytics. We demonstrate the potential and the business case, and then work with clients through the whole lifecycle to make sure that potential is delivered.
    From the moment you join us, you’ll be working on live projects, enjoying real responsibility and making a significant contribution to our success. You’ll learn first-hand from experts and soon you’ll become an expert too.  Our clients include some of the most exciting and interesting organisations in both public and private sectors.

    For more information about our Graduate Programmes visit our website,


    Cardiff University

    Our innovative and award winning MSc programmes will equip you with the necessary analytical skills, methods and ways of thinking to tackle and analyse complex organisational problems, help make better decisions, and to become confident statistical analysts. Delivered by experts in the fields of Operational Research and Statistics, the skills that you will learn are highly transferable for use within industry, business and the public sector. You will study a variety of problem-solving techniques, allowing you to build and use mathematical and statistical models, alongside skills to develop your abilities to communicate effectively to others.

    Visit our website for more information,


    Datatech Analytics

    Datatech Analyticsis a renowned arm of the progressive Evergreen Group (established 1990) we are considered to be the leading supplier of professionals in the Analytics field.
    Our consultants pride themselves on understanding not just your skills and specialisms as a candidate, but also your aspirations and key values to ensure that the recruitment solution we offer you meets your life and work objectives. We believe in working with you to plan and support your career journey - that’s why so many candidates end up being our clients as well.
    Thinking laterally and resourcefully we focus on delivering a highly personalised recruitment service with quick and effective results - recruitment is our business, people are our passion.

    Visit our website to find out more,



    At decisionLab our mission is to help global businesses evolve and grow by making better decisions. We build tools and models of business challenges using the latest technologies from Data Science, Analytical Modelling and Operational Research.  Our expertise lies in Mathematical Optimisation and simulation.
    Since 2011 we have helped our clients to answer their question by applying the most appropriate techniques or analysis. Our work has improved systems used by millions of people in the UK within the Water, Asset Management, Aerospace and Defence industries.
    We provide an excellent setting in which you can gain hands-on experience in decision-making techniques and tools.  As a graduate you will have the opportunity to develop your skills, supported by our expert team of experienced consultants, and inject your own ideas into how to tackle the complex problems that our clients face.

    Visit our website at Connect with us on social media at and


    Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)

    The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is the UK’s leading government agency in applying science and technology (S&T) to the defence and security of the UK.
    Because we provide the UK Government with specialist S&T research, advice and analysis, our work is often sensitive and is operationally critical with the potential to save many lives. All of it is fascinating, state-of-the-art stuff.
    Our Defence and Security Analysis Division supports the Ministry of Defence and Other Government Departments to ensure intelligent decision-making is at the heart of the UK. We work with partners in industry, academia and internationally to develop and provide a broad range of impartial, innovative, evidence based analysis and human science advice to support high priority decision-making on critical policies and capabilities.
    The breadth and impact of our work ranges from supporting front line commands and the design and procurement of essential battle winning air, land and maritime platforms and critical joint enablers through to supporting the development and delivery of strategic Defence policy and the wider Government’s counter terrorism strategy. We develop innovative analytical tools and techniques to take advantage of new advances in science and technology, and provide experienced human and social science advice to maximise the performance of whole systems across MOD and Government.
    For ambitious, motivated and curious individuals, Dstl offers the chance to work on mind-blowing projects in a truly unique environment. It’s an inspiring setting where you can develop wide-ranging skills and experience while learning from some of the brightest minds in the UK.
    We're seeking individuals with skills in Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Human and Social Sciences, or a mixture of these. We also have a smaller requirement for applicants with project management and Software Engineering experience.

    For more information please visit our website at or alternatively you can visit the Dstl Early Careers Facebook page



    EY is a professional services company employing 231,000 people across 150 countries. Within EY we have a strong and growing O.R. and advanced analytics practice working across sectors within and beyond the UK.
    With great career development opportunities, and a strong support mechanism to aide your professional technical growth, we firmly believe that the EY O.R. and advanced analytics practice presents an exciting opportunity for those looking to pursue a career in O.R and analytics.
    We place our clients’ needs at the heart of what we do and have a proven track record of delivering successful O.R. and analytics projects.  You will find yourself using the full range of both operational research and data science techniques across machine learning, optimisation, simulation and general scenario modelling, and from very early on in your career, experience working closely with clients to solve challenging problems.
    Further information on Operational Research graduate recruitment at EY can be found at:


    Government Operational Research Service (GORS)

    The Government Operational Research Service (GORS) supports and champions Operational Research (OR) across government.
     OR specialists advise government on how to make the best possible use of public money.  With their skills in modelling and analysis, they help formulate government policy and find effective ways of putting it into practice.
    Operational research is about working with policy makers and managers to solve tomorrow's problems today.  It calls for scientific methods of analysis and a systematic exploration of the quantifiable aspects of key problems.  OR analysts are there to give managers objective advice on the most appropriate options for future action.

    Visit the GORS website for more information.


    Home Office

    The Home Office is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, counter-terrorism and police. Decision Support for Ops (DSO) provides cross-cutting evidence based analysis, advice and policy support across the full range of Home Office priority areas. We are a multi-disciplinary unit comprising operational researchers, economists, social researchers, data scientists and statisticians who come together to help solve fascinating problems of national importance. By looking closely at complex systems, and developing models that capture their behaviour, our analysts bring a new perspective to the way problems are tackled. We also produce a wide range of analysis to deliver insight to decision makers across the department. Projects often involve the opportunity for front line field work (pilots, trials, observations etc.)
    DSO offers a supportive and engaging environment at the heart of government. Our staff are based mainly in our London and Croydon hubs but opportunities exist to work from other locations nationwide, including in a planned Sheffield hub. We are actively recruiting Operational Research Analysts (Higher & Senior Scientific Officers).



    IBM is the world's largest IT and consulting services company, operating in over 170 countries with around 20,000 employees within IBM UK alone. We partner with governments, corporations, thinkers and doers on ground breaking real world problems to help make the world work better and to build a smarter planet- always working to the
    IBM values:

    Dedication to every client's success.
    Innovation that matters—for our company and the world.  
    Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

    Our Advanced Analytics and Data Science team is a small but fundamental part of this, essential to our clients' success. We are a team of around 40 consultants who all share a passion for solving problems in the real world. IBM's Advanced Analytics team perform strategy consulting with an analytical twist using data, software and strategy capabilities to come up with innovative solutions to solve client problems. We look for highly numerate graduates, especially those with scientific, engineering and mathematical backgrounds, who will become a valued member of the team right from the very start of their career.

    For more information on joining our team please see our graduate website at for more information.


    Jaguar Land Rover

    Over the past five years, Jaguar Land Rover has doubled sales and employment, becoming the UK’s largest automotive manufacturer.  In this fast changing environment, analytics is relied upon to provided critical business information at the speed the business requires.  Now that data volumes are stretching existing tools and modern analytical tools and techniques are creating new business opportunities, we are building a dedicated Corporate Analytics Team to ensure that analytics continues to be a source of competitive advantage.

    The Corporate Analytics Team is responsible for developing and delivering our analytics strategy, coordinating analytics programmes across the organisation and solving our most complex analytics problems.  To do this we have a dedicated analytics graduate scheme supported by a growing multi-disciplinary team of analytics professionals from a wide range of backgrounds from operational research to software development and consulting to academia.  We are committed to providing an exciting career path in analytics in order to attract the best people, build competitive advantage and achieve our ambition to become make JLR the most data driven automotive organisation.

    For more information on the graduate scheme please follow this link - for information on other opportunities please contact Clive Benford at


    Lancaster University

    The STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training at Lancaster University, a joint venture between the departments of Mathematics and Statistics and Management Science, offers a four-year PhD programme in Statistics and Operational Research (STOR) developed and delivered with industrial partners. STOR-i is one of a new generation of Centres for Doctoral Training awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) which will fund 60 students entering the Centre's doctoral programme from 2014. STOR-i was established in 2010 and has built an international reputation for the quality of its research training at the interface of statistics and OR with industry. Graduates of the doctoral programme will contribute to a new generation of highly employable researchers equipped with the skills required for effective careers in academia or industry. Visit for more information.


    Loughborough University

    Our MSc in Business Analytics Consulting is specifically designed to equip graduates with the rigorous modelling, analytical and consulting skills to understand, manage and communicate actionable insights from ‘big data’ to inform business decisions and government policy. As a triple-accredited Top-10 UK business school, our graduates are highly sought after by leading employers.
    You will be taught by internationally recognised experts who actively work with business, government and non-profit organisations, and develop soft skills highly prized by employers in today’s knowledge economy. Our supervised consulting or research project will equip you with practical exposure of putting the tools and techniques learned into practice.
    A number of industrial collaborators contribute workshops and guest talks, including practitioners from  tuinpowerBTIBMSASBritish Airways, and Government departments through the Government Operational Research Service. In addition, SAS sponsor a student prize, and one of our modules – Managing Big Data – is developed in close collaboration with IBM.


    Movement Strategies

    Movement Strategies is a global leading consultancy specialising in the art and science of people movement. Our work enhances the way people experience a place, a space, or a service and drives better business performance. We work in the Sports & Events, Transport, Civic & Cultural and Smart Cities sectors, we have shaped the environments and managed the movement of people at some of the biggest and most recognised events and venues in the world such as; Glastonbury, London 2012 Olympics, Tower of London, Eurovision Song Contest, Tottenham Hotspur FC and many more.
    Our projects involve blending digital information with physical behaviour to design and also using anonymised and aggregated mobile phone data to provide insights to transport operators, retailers, insurance providers and media agencies. 
    As a graduate, you will have the opportunity to use your analytical skills, providing insights to inform key strategic decisions for a variety of clients in the UK and abroad.
    For more information, please visit us at:



    NATS is the UK's leading provider of air traffic control services. Each year we handle around 2.2 million flights and 220 million passengers in UK airspace. In addition to providing services to 13 UK airports, we work in more than 30 countries around the world including Spain, the Middle East, Asia and North America.
    The Analytics team provides innovative analysis and insights into NATS Air Traffic, project, and business operations. Our team of analysts undertake complex work in areas including safety analysis, airspace capacity, runway capacity, environmental performance, post-operational event analysis, traffic forecasting and performance monitoring. The department undertakes a significant programme of external business around the world to a number of international clients.
    Visit our website to find more about NATS,, and careers with us,


    RINA Consulting

    RINA Consulting provides engineering and consultancy services to reduce risk, optimise performance and enhance capability, giving our customers the confidence to build successful operations. It is critical to our clients, that they have a clear understanding of the costs, benefits and impacts influencing their programmes.
    We combine modelling and simulation expertise to give our clients highly effective identification and quantification of through-life risks. Modelling complex interdependent systems to support budget forecasts, option trade-offs and the down-selection of affordable and sustainable capabilities.
    RINA Consulting are looking for talented graduates to join our fast-growing business. You’ll be surrounded by specialist Consultants, cutting edge projects and high profile clients to excite and develop you into a successful Consultant.
    Upon joining you could be developing deterministic and stochastic based models for asset intensive environments across defence, health, energy and transport programmes. You’ll have a mentor to support you, undertake training in mathematical techniques and software tools, find yourself quickly integrated into programmes and receive structured coaching.
    This opportunity is ideal for an ambitious graduate with a flair for Operational Research who is interested in building a career in Consultancy.



    Roke is the UK's leading provider of independent research, development & consultancy in technology. We have 60 years of experience behind us and fuel our clients’ success with a forward-thinking team that combines some of the finest engineering, scientific and mathematical minds in Britain.
    Roke make it our business to understand their clients' key issues to provide end-to-end tailored solutions. With extensive experience in cyber security, communications systems, electronic sensors, and information assurance and in both the civil and military domains, we understand the technical complexities of modern and future systems. Our team of 350 plus engineering consultants develop new concepts, capabilities and systems to protect what matters most to our clients.
    Since it was established in 1956 and with offices in Hampshire, Gloucestershire and London, Roke remains a British centre of excellence for world-class innovation and engineering. We were recently awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation. Since October 2010 Roke has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chemring Group plc.

    What we do

    Whether you are developing a technology concept, analysing a critical function, prototyping for validation, or demonstrating a capability, Roke has an established track record of delivering.

    • Applied Analysis & Experimentation
    • Big Data Exploitation
    • Communications Infrastructure & Information Management
    • Business Consultancy
    • Cyber Security
    • Decision support
    • Electromagnetic Intelligence
    • Intelligent Sensors & Unmanned Systems
    • Test & Evaluation Services

    Life at Roke

    We're investing in our future, driving innovation and constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers.
    That’s tough work and while expecting you to be brilliant, we also offer you brilliant benefits in return.
    You’ll enjoy a bright, open layout and the opportunity to explore our 22 acre estate. The on-site social club with its own bar, tennis courts, gym, Pilates classes and countryside walks make for an environment that encourages downtime as much as it does hard work.
    You will be offering us your best work and therefore there will also be plenty of opportunities to celebrate your achievements with company parties throughout the year and awards for excellent performance. You will also have the opportunity to give back to our community through our charity activities, volunteering and schools partnership programmes.

    Our promise

    We employ clever people therefore we offer an environment where you self-manage, have opportunities to continue to hone your craft and your experience is valued. We promise to invest in your future and make sure there are opportunities available for you to get involved in world-changing projects, undertake new qualifications and shape your own career.



    Here at Customer Fulfilment at Tesco we are looking for great people to deliver for our customers in our market leading operation. Our Capacity Analytics team focuses on providing a world-leading home delivery operation. In developing an analytical centre of excellence we develop and drive forecasting accuracy, operational efficiency, topology strategy and profitability whilst being the champions of positive, dynamic change across the business. Our Operations Development and Engineering and Infrastructure team design, build and optimise our operation and processes to deliver a first in class service for all our customers and colleagues in a safe engaging environment.
    Serving Britain’s Shoppers a Little Better Every Day.



    The Information Lab

    The Information Lab has a simple mission: to help people make sense of data.   We believe that companies which use data well will have better futures than those that don’t and have been helping clients such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Easyjet and UBS do so by specialising in the leading products for data visualisation and data integration - Tableau and Alteryx - since 2011. 


    The Smith Institute

    The Smith Institute provides companies with independent advice and technical services based on the application of mathematical modelling. Our staff have technical expertise in model building, model implementation and data analysis, coupled to core skills in project management and research coordination. We help our clients to gain a competitive advantage in their products, processes and operations by bringing fresh ideas to problem-solving, advising on how to use mathematics effectively, and helping to integrate mathematics into business strategy. Mathematical modelling and analysis are highly transferable skills, so we are able to provide solutions across all sectors.

    See our web pages ( for examples of our work in areas as diverse as mobile networks, unmanned air vehicles, digital archives, spectrum auctions and aviation security.

    Operational Research is a very important part of what we do, for example in one of our Strategic Areas 'Decision Making under Uncertainty' where we help clients make important decisions that have certain levels of uncertainty and risk attached to them. We are very much on the lookout for bright and driven operational researchers to help us deliver products and services of high value to our clients. We pride ourselves on our intelligent and engaging staff, so if you feel like you fit the bill visit ( for more information.


    TUI Travel PLC

    TUI Group is one of the world’s leading international leisure travel companies, with more than 20 million customers from 31 source markets travelling to 180 countries worldwide.  There is significant emphasis on using data and analytics to drive decision making across the whole business.  Key areas of focus include yield management, web optimisation, customer segmentation and aviation planning.

    For more information, please visit


    University of Southampton

    CORMSIS (Centre for Operational Research, Management Sciences and Information Systems)
    CORMSIS at the University of Southampton is the largest and most comprehensive groups of OR/MS/IS researchers in the UK, with over 30 academics and over 60 research students. It covers the whole spectrum of current OR/MS/IS from theoretical mathematical developments to problem structuring and knowledge management, and has internationally-renowned expertise in the specific areas of risk, optimisation, finance and health. We offer 6 MSc programmes in Operational Research, Operational Research and Statistics, Operational Research and Finance, Business Analytics and Management Science, Business Analytics and Finance, and Supply Chain Management and Logistics. We also have experience in consultancy, student placements and joint research.

    Email : CORMSIS Industry Liaison Officers Peter Becque and Julie Hickman