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Our Conferences / Events

Careers Open Day
Millennium Point in Birmingham
15 November 2017

Blackett Lecture
IET London
23 November 2017

Beale Lecture
The Royal Society, London
22 February 2018

SW18 Simulation Workshop
Ettington Chase Hotel, Stratford
19 - 21 Mar 2018

OR60 Annual Conference
Lancaster University
11 - 13 September 2018

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Special Interest Meetings



Tue 20 Jun

  Criminal Justice
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Seminar Invitation


Developments in Analytics and Big Data – Adding Value

Operational Research – adding value in analytics

12 JUNE 2013 9am to 5.30pm

Institution of Engineering & Technology,
Savoy Place, London, WC2R 0BL

Fee £150 (plus VAT)
Includes buffet lunch

Over the last 75 years, Operational Research (O.R.) professionals have developed mature methodologies to analyse and use data that can add significant value in big data analytics. The aim of this event is to show how developments in Analytics are leading to increased competitive advantage in these challenging times.

The day offers a full programme, and our panel of speakers are drawn from a wide range of business sectors and academia.

Chair: Geoff Royston President, The OR Society

There’s a pdf of a flyer for this event.

Confirmed Speakers:

Details of remaining speakers will be available shortly on this page

  • John Hopes - Lead Partner, Business Modelling, Ernst & Young, Vice President, The OR Society, Chair, Analytics Working Group
    O.R., Data Science and Analytics: Maximising Value from Big Data
    The O.R. community has a long history of using analytics on big data to add value, including the development of effective methodologies that ensure implementation. There is much potential synergy from collaboration between O.R., Data Science and Analytics, which will be illustrated via case studies.
  • Gearóid Madden - Accenture Analytics Innovation Centre, Dublin
    The use of Analytics in Fraud Detection in the Insurance Sector.
    Gearóid leads the Insurance Team in Accenture’s global Centre of Excellence for Fraud & Compliance Analytics. The talk will be illustrated with some case examples
  • Colin Shearer - SPSS – data mining pioneer and developer of Clementine software
    The ‘Analytical Revolution’: the Industrialisation of Advanced Analytics
    It’s a given that the cloud helps businesses of all sizes overcome infrastructure constraints. This is extremely pertinent to the uptake of advanced analytics by a broader range of organizations. Advanced analytics can be the key to better decision making in virtually any area of business.
  • Detlef Nauck - BT - Chief Research Scientist and BT’s leading expert in data analytics
    Predictive Analytics and Proactive Service – their impact on BT and new research developments
    The presentation will cover a number of projects at BT that have used predictive analytics in order to improve service performance and to pre-empt service failures. It will also give a brief overview of their current research programme in autonomics and its relation to big data.
  • Fintan Galvin - Founder and CEO, i01 – a leading Open source Consultancy
    Harnessing Search Engines, Analytics and Semantics for Competitive Advantage
    Analytics and search engines are natural bedfellows as shown by the changing way in which search engines are using user action based Analytics to drive their algorithms in order to get the best answers delivered back to the users. The focus will be on combining three key areas, Search Engines, Analytics and Semantics using open source tools. The session will look at a case, examining how to put these areas together to best effect to gain a competitive advantage and give an insight into the tools that can be used to achieve this.
  • Sanjit Atwal - CEO, Squawka
    Analysing Premier League Player Value using Big Data
    Football is a global behemoth when it comes to business. English Premier League clubs, especially, receive huge amounts of television revenue on an annual basis and even clubs getting relegated from the top flight will, the following season, receive parachute payments of approximately £12million. But how much analysis actually goes into the expenditures of these clubs when compared to their on-field performance? Squawka has developed its own unique player performance index, which analyses over 14 million on-ball actions in real time to display the performance of each player, enabling managers to compare team/player performance and value for money.
  • Aaron Sugarman - Head of Commercial Analytics, TUI UK & Ireland
    The application of analytics in Tour Operating
    TUI UK and Ireland, which is part of TUI Travel PLC and includes the brands of Thomson and First Choice, takes over 5 million customers on holiday each year. Aaron will give an overview of the application of analytics in different areas including that of yield management, web analytics and customer relationship management and then take a look at the opportunities in the future roadmap.
  • John Lord - Head of Data Analytics, HM Revenue and Customs
    Analytics in Tax Collection
    Predictive analytics has been used for some time in HMRC to target scarce resources. Recent developments in technology and a recent benchmarking exercise have helped HMRC understand how to embed predictive models better. The talk will cover a couple of example models and other applications using the mass of data HMRC holds.

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