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3 - 4 JULY 2013


University of Salford,
M5 4WT, UK.



Call for Papers

Operations management poses a number of problems of significant complexity whose solution would lead to more effective operations and bring significant economic benefits. Their solution, however, require novel approaches that are based on techniques and principles from both Operational Research and Artificial Intelligence.

As business and industry become more global, diverse and market driven, the drive for more effective solutions for problems in operations management increases. Using traditional OR techniques alone has long been recognised as being too restricted for many applications, leading to research on the use of a combination of AI and OR techniques for problems in operations management.

This was the fifth in a series of conferences that aimed to bring together researchers developing and applying techniques from AI and OR to problems in operations management. Previous conferences held in 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2009 proved to be very successful and led to a total of six special issues of the Journal of the Operational Research Society and the International journal of Manufacturing Technology Management.  

This conference, which was held in THINK LAB, University of Salford, aimed to bring together researchers and practitioners working on the challenging problems in operations management that are at the OR-AI interface.

Researchers and practitioners from industry and academia were invited to submit papers in all areas related to aspects of design, development, testing and implementation of intelligent management systems in manufacturing and service operations covering but not restricted to:

  • Media Operations
  • HealthCare
  • Knowledge Management in Operations
  • E-Business and E-Manufacturing
  • Finance and Credit Scoring
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis
  • Scheduling and Capacity Planning  
  • Supply Chains and Inventory Management
  • Process Design, Quality Management & Control 
  • Operations and Control of Intelligent Buildings

Papers describing case studies utilising or evaluating AI techniques such as Neural Networks, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Semantic Ontologies, Knowledge Based Systems, Case Based Reasoning, Fuzzy Logic, Bayesian Networks, Agent Technology as well as Hybrid Intelligent techniques were particularly encouraged.