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OR54 Annual Conference - Deadlines

Important Extended Deadlines

01 July 2012 Camera ready copy for Keynote Papers.
03 July 2012 Abstract and paper title submission in time to appear in the Conference Programme.  300 words maximum. Submit here - Title and Abstract Submission/Edit
(Why not Submit your Title now and follow up with the abstract).
06 July 2012 Final revision of paper abstract.  Normally abstracts are submitted at the same time as the paper title, but there is scope to make changes up to this date.
09 July 2012 Abstract acceptance notification.
11 July 2012 Early registration for the reduced registration fee fee (extended from 30 June). Register here
13 July 2012 Deadline for registration if the paper is to be scheduled for presentation.  Thereby ensuring your talk will appear in the final programme.  The conference committee reserve the right to exclude papers if bookings are not made by this date. Click here