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OR55 - Organising Committee

Co - Chairs

Philip Jones, Dstl (more information)



David Smith, Retired Member (more information)



Programme Co-ordinators

Navonil Mustafee, University of Exeter  (more information)



Kevin Connell, Dstl (more information)



Co - Keynote/Extended Abstract Editor

Ibrahim Kucukkoc, University of Exeter (more information)



Navonil Mustafee, University of Exeter  (more information)



Programme scheduler

Ken McNaught, Cranfield University  (more information)



Sponsorship and Exhibition Organiser

Hara Papachristou, Lanner Group Ltd



Conference Manager

Hilary Wilkes, The OR Society




Philip Jones

Phil graduated with a Mathematical Statistics and OR Degree from Exeter University in 1981.  He’s had a varied career doing Operational Analysis in the Ministry of Defence, including a spell in the oldest OR Branch in the world at RAF Strike Command.   He’s led analysis involving a wide variety of hard and soft OR techniques. Topics have ranged from trials analysis assessing the effectiveness of countermeasures to enemy radars to improving the cultural awareness of our deployed forces.  More recently, he’s led the formulation MoD’s Influence research programme and been the principal analyst for an inter-disciplinary group containing social scientists of many persuasions as well as Operational Analysts.   He is a fervent advocate of the need to integrate social science into OR.  Phil is a fellow of the ORS.  He is currently the chair of the ORS Accreditation Panel and UK Representative on a NATO Operational Analysis research collaboration panel.


David Smith

Co-chair David Smith spent most of his working life teaching O.R. at the University of Exeter.  While there, he was responsible for many and varied commercial projects, scheduling operas and production of chocolate bars, locating police cars and health care centres, analysing data from financial call-centres and weather-related hospital admissions, and compiling bibliographies about dynamic programming and O.R. in developing countries.  For many years he was a member of the O.R. Society publications committee as editor of the International Abstracts in O.R..  Since retirement, he has maintained a blog about O.R.  In 1991 he chaired OR33 in Exeter, the city he loves, and now is looking forward to chairing a second conference in the same venue but in a different millennium.


Navonil Mustafee

Navonil Mustafee PhD, MSc, BA is Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at the University of Exeter Business School. His background is in Distributed Systems and Simulation and he has applied distributed computing technologies like Desktop Grid Computing and the High Level Architecture for Distributed Simulation to execute large and complex simulations in application domains such as healthcare and banking. His current research explores the use of multiple OR techniques in the context of container loading and healthcare. Nav publishes in both Computing and Operations Research journals, including, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, SIMULATION: Transactions of the Society of Modelling and Simulation International, the Journal of the Operational Research Society and ACM Transactions on Modelling and Computer Simulation.


Kevin Connell

A Graduate of the University Of Kent. Early career was in the teaching of Physics, Electronics, Computer Science and Maths in the UK and New Zealand. Joined RAE in 1991 working in simulation and analysis. Most recently was the Group Leader for Analysis, Experimentation and Simulation in RAE’s successor organisation Dstl. Retired in July 2012. A Chartered Physicist and Fellow of the ORS.


Ibrahim Kucukkoc

Ibrahim is currently pursuing PhD degree in Manufacturing Engineering at University of Exeter, UK (granted a 4-year scholarship by Balikesir University and Turkish Council of Higher Education). He also works as a Research Assistant for the Balikesir University, Department of Industrial Engineering. 

He received his BSc degree from Selcuk University (Turkey), and MSc degree from Balikesir University (Turkey) in 2009 and 2011 respectively, both in Industrial Engineering. Throughout his MSc education he was awarded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey-TUBITAK.  After finishing his BSc, he worked for a trailer manufacturer as production planner for six months and gained many engineering skills during this period. 

His areas of particular interest include, but are not exclusive to, assembly line balancing, production planning, operations research, heuristic algorithms, genetic algorithm, ant colony optimisation, multi-agent systems, and artificial intelligence.


Ken McNaught

Ken McNaught’s career in OR began with an MSc in Operational Research from Strathclyde University in 1985. This was followed by a three-year spell working in production control for the car-maker Austin Rover. Since 1988 he has worked at Cranfield University’s Shrivenham campus, where he completed a PhD in OR concerned with the stochastic modelling of combat. He is now a senior lecturer in OR there with research interests including decision analysis (particularly Bayesian networks and influence diagram decision networks) and simulation. Application areas of interest include risk, reliability and maintenance modelling, intelligence analysis, information fusion and decision support. Ken also chairs WORDS, the Western regional branch of the OR Society.