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OR55 - Sponsors and Exhibitors

The conference is sponsored by

and has the following exhibitors

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Dstl is a trading fund of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), delivering trusted and often confidential advice and solutions on defence-related science and technology that impact on the security of the UK. It’s demanding, exciting and rewarding work and each year Dstl recruits approximately 150 graduates to be part of it. Graduates receive a balanced programme of courses to develop technical and non-technical skills. Sponsorship is available to gain Chartered status and take further Qualifications. There are also opportunities for secondments, both in the UK and overseas. Details of Dstl’s current graduate vacancies can be found on our website at


Exeter University

Making excellence and aspiration our business.
We’ve taken just over a decade to establish the University of Exeter Business School as one of the UK’s leading institutions. We’ve achieved this by striving to be the best we can be, bringing together inspirational and internationally-respected business teachers from around the world in an environment that combines historical and intellectual heritage with modern facilities.

We’ll continue to invest in the very highest calibre teaching staff and facilities. We’ll commit ourselves to innovative research and we’ll build on our relationships with industry and society. And we’re equally committed to ensuring our students leave Exeter having had a great time, with all the skills and knowledge they need to build exciting and fulfilling careers.



FICO (NYSE: FICO) is a leading analytics software company, helping businesses in 80+ countries make better decisions that drive higher levels of growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. The company’s groundbreaking use of Big Data and mathematical algorithms to predict consumer behavior has transformed entire industries. FICO provides analytics software and tools used across multiple industries to manage risk, fight fraud, build more profitable customer relationships, optimize operations and meet strict government regulations. Many of our products reach industry-wide adoption — such as the FICO® Score, the standard measure of consumer credit risk in the United States. FICO solutions leverage open-source standards and cloud computing to maximize flexibility, speed deployment and reduce costs. The company also helps millions of people manage their personal credit health. FICO: Make every decision count™. Learn more at


Palgrave Macmillan

Palgrave Macmillan is proud to be the publisher of the Operational Research Society. We look forward to talking to you at the conference where we will have our complete O.R. portfolio on display, including copies of the newest OR Society journal, Health Systems. Take advantage of the great membership offers on both the Society journals and our related titles.


Prospect Recruitment


Prospect Recruitment is a niche consultancy specialising in the quantitative analytical arena, with our roots in the Operational Research/Business Modelling field going back over 35 years. The combination of this market focus and our consultants' extensive knowledge of this specialist arena, has successfully underpinned our recruitment activities, which span the full range of private sector industry and commerce.

Ranging from OR applications such as linear programming, optimisation, simulation and yield management; through financial modelling, forecasting and system dynamics; to customer insight, marketing, risk and pricing analytics; and statistical analysis and related decision support, we are able to offer immense depth of market knowledge and insight.

This depth of understanding and personal experience enables our consultants to provide a 1st class service to both candidates seeking the right move, and companies seeking the right hire. We ensure that optimal match is achieved, mutual expectations are maintained and the complex subtleties of the market are understood.

With over 70% of our business being either repeat or via personal recommendation, we pride ourselves on being the best in our field.


DSE Consulting

The Future of Strategic Decision Making As institutions including the Bank of England and Federal Reserve begin to recognise the power of Agent Based Modelling and Simulation (ABMS), DSE Consulting remains one of the UK’s only commercial practitioners of this technique. DSE Consulting advises academic institutions including Nottingham University and Cranfield’s School of Decision Sciences on the application of ABMS and has forged significant advances in commercial applications for clients in the aerospace, retail and public sectors. DSE Consulting’s advanced simulations are facilitated by AnyLogic software from XJ Technologies



Any business can use the proven simulation software and services delivered by Lanner to maximise its performance and optimise the use of resources.

Lanner is an international company with headquarters in the UK. Its simulation software has delivered answers for commercial businesses and government organisations since 1979, helping them move toward operational perfection.

Lanner’s customers include some of the largest and most successful organisations in the world and its technology is embedded within leading software vendors’ products.

For more information, visit or follow Lanner on twitter @Lanner.



Resulting from a 5-year R&D project involving distinguished experts in computational optimization, LocalSolver is the first math programming software combining the simplicity of use of a model-and-run solver and the power of local-search techniques for combinatorial optimization. Having declared your optimization model using mathematical operators, LocalSolver will provide you with high-quality solutions in very short running times without any tuning. Relying on local search, LocalSolver is able to scale up to 10 million binary decision variables, running on standard computers. LocalSolver is particularly suited for solving large-scale real-life combinatorial problems arising in business and industry. Such problems, with millions of variables are totally out of scope of current state-of-the-art solvers which are all based on classical tree-search techniques (integer or constraint programming). LocalSolver includes an innovative math modeling language for fast prototyping and lightweight object-oriented APIs for full integration (C++, Java, .NET). More information on a


SAS Software Ltd, JMP Division

JMP, from SAS, provides 'Statistical Discovery', exploiting the synergy between data visualisation and analysis. It dynamically links data, graphics and statistics to let you explore and model relationships quickly and easily, and then communicate your findings through a visual approach. Designed for researchers, engineers and scientists as well as statisticians, JMP is a desktop application that is visual, interactive, comprehensive and extensible. So whether you are a single contributor or part of a larger team, JMP's unique approach allows you to make sense of your data, solve problems, and reveal new opportunities faster and more easily than ever



SIMUL8 Corporation develops, markets, and supports business simulation software that transforms the way people make and communicate decisions.

Our software delivers multi-million pound saving for major organizations – including Chrysler, the NHS and Gatwick Airport – by allowing them to experiment with process improvement ideas in a risk free environment.

SIMUL8 is also used to teach simulation in elite Universities across the world including the London School of Economics, MIT, Melbourne Business School and Hong Kong City University.


Banxia Software LTD

Banxia Software Ltd develops and sells high quality decision support (DSS) and audience response/ classroom participation systems. We provide training in the use of our software and systems and also develop add-ons for other systems. As ‘Top Interwrite PRS Partner’ we have supported many universities throughout the UK in their use of Interwrite™ Response. Our products are used in the public, private, military, not-for-profit and academic sectors. Our offerings include Interwrite™ Response, Impact Explorer™, Decision Explorer® (for cognitive/ causal mapping) and Frontier Analyst® (for DEA assessments).



The International Society for Inventory Research is a strictly professional, nonprofit organization, which endeavors to provide those engaged in inventory research with an opportunity to exchange views and experiences on an international and interdisciplinary basis. ISIR aims to provide an appropriate and comprehensive framework for the dissemination of research results attained in the members' country and to take an initiative in the development of research and higher education.

In the interest of realizing its objectives, the Society
  • maintains ties with those individuals and institutions, national and international organizations, who and which are active in conducting research in the same or a related area;
  • organizes meetings, tracks and conferences (the highlights are the biannual international symposia with 120-140 participants and the ISIR summer schools).
  • regularly publishes its e-Newsletter;
  • publishes results attained internationally in all related branches of knowledge.

ISIR has four main sections:

  • Economics of Inventories
  • Inventory Management
  • Mathematical Models of Inventories
  • Forecasting for Inventories

Individual membership is open to anyone engaged in research, education or practice involving the respective branches of knowledge pertaining to the focus of the Society. See more information at


Oxford University Press

The mission of the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics is to publish original, high quality mathematical research that will have a significant impact on the theory and practice of business, finance, management, and policy making.

Regular articles accepted for publication in the journal must have clear implications for managers and decision makers based upon rigorous mathematical research. Such implications should be explicitly stated in the article. The journal also publishes novel meta-analyses of the literature, and developments of and comments upon studies in past articles. A manuscript accepted for publication meets at least one of the following characteristics: it contains innovative mathematics; it describes a genuine application of mathematics to a real problem; it reviews the "state-of-the art" in a manner that provides new insight; it presents a (discrete or continuous) simulation study in a highly rigorous manner. <

The journal welcomes papers that fall into relevant subject areas that include: OR and Management Science, Financial Modelling, Regulation, Risk Analysis, Credit Scoring, Games and Auctions, Production Processes, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Transportation Science, Marketing Analytics, Decision Sciences, Efficiency Measurement, Health Care Management.


John Wiley & Sons Ltd

At Wiley, our mission is to help teachers teach and students learn. We are committed to publishing and making available the best educational and training materials for all types of instructors: textbooks, electronic teaching aids, and products to help you be an even better teacher. Please visit our website at where you can browse our range of textbooks and order inspection copies.



OptiRisk has been involved in research and development for many years, mainly in the domains of Optimisation, Stochastic Programming and Risk Analysis. The company exploits the research results of CARISMA: The Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Optimization Modelling Applications as well as other leading academic and industrial research organisations. It has a long track record of success on customer tailored projects addressing specific business problems in finance, logistics and energy sectors.

OptiRisk is a certified IBM partner in the UK and in India. The partnership has been recently strengthened by OptiRisk signing an Application Specific Licence (ASL) deal with IBM which makes OptiRisk an OEM reseller of CPLEX. By this deal OptiRisk is able to bundle AMPLDev and CPLEX and OPL Studio.

OptiRisk Systems, in 1998, acquired the rights to resell and to add features to AMPL. Notably, OptiRisk developed AMPL Studio and more recently has developed AMPLDev and stochastic extensions to the AMPL language (SAMPL). It is designed to capture a family of alternative Stochastic Programming models and Robust Optimisation formulations. For the processing of stochastic models, SAMPL connects to specialised solvers like FortSP, a decomposition based solver for SP. FortSP in turn is built around embedded solvers, FortMP, CPLEX and Gurobi. Recently the two companies started a partnership to extend the range of products in the AMPL family. An AMPL IDE and AMPL API have been developed by OptiRisk in partnership with AMPL Optimization. AMPL API is a class library which exploits AMPL features from multiple programming environments, such as Java, .NET, Matlab and R. The designs of these two products are results of close collaboration between the two partner organizations.

Both companies are now inviting modellers (testers) to participate in beta testing for the aforementioned software tools.