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OR55 - Sponsorship information

Would it help you to raise your profile with O.R. professionals?

Then why not sponsor OR55?

The conference is a great place to meet lots of O.R. academics and practitioners. You can promote your services, speak directly with people and find out more about what they really need.

Perhaps you could make yourself better known as a consultancy in the field. Or maybe you can offer software or other products which will help O.R. analysts solve their problems.

If you exhibit at OR55 you will make contacts and might meet future business partners or employees. If you provide sponsorship of a specific item then your name will be in front everyone.

Whether you exhibit or sponsor, your details will appear on the website, in general conference information and in Inside O.R., the monthly newsletter.

In the last two years there have been over 300 people at the conference. These have been evenly split between academics and practitioners. The conference lasts three days and this year will be in Exeter in September.

What are the options?

  1. Exhibiting
  • Table, chairs, lunch and refreshments for one exhibitor, prices start from £250 + VAT per day or £550 + VAT for all 3 days.  Click here for full details.
  • Unattended poster board £200 + VAT (all 3 days).
  • Distribution of leaflets in delegate packs £200 + VAT
  1. Sponsorship.
  • There are various items you can sponsor, with prices ranging from £250 upwards. See above forms for full details.
  • Examples include:
    Printing of Conference Handbooks
    Drinks reception - (an excellent networking option)
    Delegate bags or wallet or similar
    Specific stream sponsorship
  • Or you can sponsor any amount without it being attached to a specific item.

Need more information? 

Just contact the sponsorship organiser, Hilary Wilkes  to find out more about how you can make the most of these opportunities.