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OR56 - Organising Committee

Co - Chairs

Andrew Harrison, FICO (more information)



Giles Hindle, University of Hull (more information)



Programme Co-ordinators

Pavel Albores, Aston University



Sophie Carr, Bays Consulting Ltd (more information)



Keynote/Extended Abstract Editor

Susan Howick, University of Strathclyde  (more information)



Programme Scheduler

Christopher Haynes, Dstl  (more information)



Social Event Organiser

Martin Keys, Dstl (more information)



Conference Manager

Hilary Wilkes, The OR Society




Andrew Harrison

Andy graduated with a Mathematics Degree from the University of Warwick in 1991 and has a PhD in the Application of Optimisation in Defence and Logistics from the University of East Anglia. He’s had a varied career that started in research with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) which led to a move into Operational Analysis where he applied a range of methods from the quantitative to more qualitative techniques such as Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, problem structuring and facilitation to support a range of MoD business cases . A move out of government led to the application of a broad OR toolkit to asset management in the highways and energy sectors.

Andy now works for FICO where he leads the delivery of Operational Research consultancy for clients across a wide range of sectors covering Europe, Middle East and Africa. Throughout he career he has continued to focus on the application of combinatorial optimisation.

He is a Fellow of the OR Society and the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, chairs the Midlands OR Society and sits on the Heads of OR Forum.


Giles Hindle

Dr. Giles Hindle is a Senior Lecturer at Hull University Business School and an Associate Fellow at Warwick Business School. He has combined an academic career with consulting practice. Prior posts include Assistant Professor at Warwick Business School, Senior OR Consultant for Tribal Consulting plc, Director of Health Consultancy Services Ltd and Honorary Lecturer at Lancaster University Management School. Giles has research, consulting and teaching experience with both quantitative and qualitative approaches and has practiced in both the public and private sectors. He has conducted consultancy and research projects for a wide range of clients including the NHS Scottish Executive, County Councils Network, Secta Health Group, Countryside Agency, Department for Transport, Department for Health in N. Ireland, Network Rail plc, Tornado Wire Ltd, Northern Hi-Tec Ltd, and many others. Giles is an award winning teacher on the Warwick MBA and has developed innovative analytics masters courses for the universities of Warwick and Hull. He is co-secretary of the Operational Research Society’s Special Interest Group in Problem Structuring Methods, and a member of the Centre for Systems Studies at the University of Hull. He has specialist knowledge in soft systems thinking and quantitative modelling which he has practiced in both strategic and operational contexts. His current research is focussed on systems modelling, soft systems methodology, spatial modelling and service innovation.


Christopher Haynes

I have been in Dstl over 15 years working in the field of OR. I am currently the Senior analyst for the Capability Analysis and Balance of Investment Team. The team supports Ministry of Defence decision makers and the Front Line Commands, on campaign-level issues using Balance of Investment and campaign modelling across domains to compare equipment options.


Martin Keys

I was educated at the Universities of East Anglia and Leicester, where I obtained a BSc in Physics with Mathematics and an MSc in Experimental Space Physics respectively.

Since 1981 I have worked in the MOD as an Operational Analyst (military operational research). Over my time within the MOD I have increasingly had a range of managerial responsibilities and involvement in human resourcing/business management issues. I am currently a Principal Analyst at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL); with a particular interest in the development of the technical/managerial skills in staff and their advancement; I am the Dstl Senior Mentor for the ORS.

I am a Fellow of the Operational Research Society (FORS), A member of the General Council of the ORS and Chairman of the Operational Research Society Training Working Group. I am also a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (Chartered MCIPD)

Sophie Carr

Sophie founded Bays Consulting Limited in 2008 with a simple ethos – to show how maths can make data profitable, and fun. Sophie's maths interest was initially sparked by probabilities, and Bays Consulting’s niche area remains Bayesian analysis (the focus of her PhD thesis). Having previously worked at the DERA and Dstl, Sophie has a breadth of operational analysis experience spanning several sectors. Although Sophie’s career has had a mathematical focus, she is adept at structuring real world, messy problems and identifying the most appropriate mathematical technique to ensure objectives. When the analysis is complete, Sophie is passionate about clearly explaining and presenting the results. Sophie is a member of the OR Society, the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Susan Howick

Susan Howick is a Professor in Management Science and Head of Department in the Dept of Management Science at Strathclyde Business School. Her main research interest is in system dynamics modelling, with a particular interest in the integration of system dynamics with other Management Science methods to provide robust, client-orientated decision support tools. Susan has experience of working with both public and private sector organisations in areas such as engineering, construction, energy and health. A key research focus has been using models to explain the causes of excessive overruns in large complex projects and using this learning to develop new risk management processes. Susan is involved in both the Operational Research and System Dynamics communities and is currently on the Publications Committee of the International System Dynamics Society. She was awarded the Goodeve Medal by the Operational Research Society in 2001.