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OR56 - Social Events

OR Society conferences are noted for the traditional Bar Quiz which will be taking place and, of course, for the all-inclusive social networking excursions. This year there’s a splendid choice of networking excursions.

On Wednesday 10 September, we have three trips departing by coach from Royal Holloway and also one in-house tour of Founders Building at Royal Holloway.

Coaches for the Surrey Brewery, Kew Gardens and Windsor Walks, will depart by coach from behind the Royal Holloway building at 14.45,  arriving at the venue by 15:30. Coaches will leave the venues between 17:30 and 18:00, returning all delegates to RHUL by approximately 18:00.

Choose to visit one of the following four options – Surrey Hills Brewery, Kew Gardens, Windsor Walks or take the in-house tour of Royal Holloway’s Founders Building itself! 

Please note: It is not possible to attend the Making an Impact sessions on Wednesday afternoon and to take an excursion.  You will need to choose either to stay in the Windsor building for the Making an Impact sessions, or to choose one of the excursions listed below.

Text Box:  Surrey Hills Brewery

Unsurprisingly, the Surrey Hills Brewery is located in the heart of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty at the foot of Box Hill. The Brewery is in the rear part of the beautiful Denbies Winery Building which has been converted into a perfect brewing environment that is hygienic and safe. Significant investment in new purpose-built equipment enables the highest levels of quality control. This is an opportunity to try four of the Brewery’s beers while their tour guide talks you though the history of the Surrey Hills Brewery, the brewing process and usually a couple of bad jokes!

Text Box:  Kew Gardens

This will be a walk around the gardens at your leisure (not a guided tour) with free entry. It’s a chance to learn about Kew's flora and fauna, about the iconic buildings and vital conservation work.

You can also enjoy a tour around the gardens on the Kew Explorer land train – a hop-on/hop-off land train which operates a daily service throughout the year for those that prefer a drive around. The additional cost for this will be £4.50.

Text Box:
Windsor Walk

The ‘Local Heroes’ walk will take in some buildings of interest on the way round concentrating on the lesser known parts of Windsor. You will learn about some of the famous residents such as the author H.G. Wells (the War of the Worlds/The History of Mr Polly) the publisher/author Charles Knight (The Penny Magazine) inventors such as Sir Sidney Camm (designer of the Hurricane aircraft made famous in the Battle of Britain) and champions of the people such as Doris Mellor and Joseph Taylor who led successful campaigns to enhance Windsor for everyone.
Text Box:
Founders Building at Royal Holloway University of London

Opened in 1886 by Queen Victoria, whose statue graces the centre of the North Quadrangle, Founders Building has been the epicentre of campus life since the College was founded. 

It is an iconic building and students feel a sense of pride at living in a huge red brick copy of a French chateau. Founders Building is home to nearly 500 students as well as plenty of offices, the Chapel, the Picture Gallery and part of the library. This walk around tour will, apart from the main building, encompassing the Chapel and Picture Gallery.