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OR56 - Plenary Panel – Behavioural Operational Research

This year at OR56 we are very pleased to be hosting a Plenary Panel on Behavioural Operational Research which has kindly been organised by Gilberto Montibeller from the Dept. of Management at the London School of Economics.

Emanating from the pioneering work of Tversky and Khaneman, ‘Behavioural Decision Research’ has made key contributions to the Decision Sciences in the last 40 years. The central idea derives from descriptive study of individual’s and group’s judgments and decisions. These have discovered a series of biases, derived from the use of simplified cognitive heuristics, in which subjects and groups deviate from the standards of rational decision making.

This stream of research has had a significant effect on Economics, Finance, and Public Policy, and helped to create the fields of Behavioural Economics, Behavioural Finance and Behavioural Public Policy. However, the effect of Behavioural Decision Research on Operational Research has been, so far, marginal.

This plenary panel will try to address this gap and help to shape a conceptual view of what ‘Behavioural Operational Research’ is, what it should be, and what its perspective can contribute to the theory and practice of OR. The panel will bring together academic and practitioner experts from different perspectives and will provide a lively forum for discussing the development of this emerging (and exciting!) field of OR.

Plenary Chair

Dr Gilberto Montibeller, LSE

Gilberto Montibeller is a Tenured Lecturer in Management Science, in the Department of Management, at the London School of Economics, and Course Director of its MSc in Management Science. He is an expert on strategic decision and risk analysis.  His research interests encompass the study of decision-making practices, the design and implementation of novel decision-supported processes, and the application of decision analysis to challenging societal problems. In recent years he has been at the forefront of the analytics movement in Europe, and developed conceptual frameworks for Policy Analytics and Behavioural Analytics. Dr Montibeller is Area Editor of the Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and is on the editorial boards of the Informs Decision Analysis and European Journal of Decision Processes journals and has published widely in the field. He has almost twenty years of experience in applying decision and risk analysis within private and public organisations, to clients such as Defra, NAO, WHO, Babcock International, Itaipu Binational, among others.

Plenary – Members

Prof L. Alberto Franco, Loughborough University

Prof L. Alberto Franco holds the Chair in Management Sciences at Loughborough University, where he is Head of the Management Science and Operations Management Group. He has a background in civil engineering, and holds an MSc in Operational Research from Lancaster University and a PhD in Operational Research from the London School of Economics (LSE). As a management scientist, Professor Franco has led several research and consulting projects to support strategic issue management, value-focused thinking, scenario planning, and multi-organisational collaboration, in a variety of sectors including: construction, transport, hospitality, health, legal services, higher education, government and defence. His main research interests are located within the European ‘soft’ operational research tradition, specifically the study of interventions that use visual methods, models or tools to support dialogue and analysis in a group setting. Professor Franco research has appeared in the European Journal of Operational Research, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Omega, Journal of the Operational Research Society, and Group Decision and Negotiation.

Mr Phil Jones, Dstl

Phil graduated with a Mathematical Statistics and OR Degree from Exeter University in 1981.  He’s had a varied career doing Operational Research in the Ministry of Defence, including a spell in the oldest OR Branch in the world at RAF Strike Command.   He’s led analysis involving a wide variety of hard and soft OR techniques. Topics have ranged from trials analysis assessing the effectiveness of countermeasures to enemy radars, to improving the cultural awareness of our deployed forces and use of Social Network Analysis.  He’s led the formulation MoD’s Influence research programme and been the principal analyst for an inter-disciplinary group containing social scientists of many persuasions as well as Operational Researchers.   He is a fervent advocate of the need for better integration of social science into OR.  Phil is a fellow of the ORS.  He co-chaired OR55, he has chaired the ORS Accreditation Panel and he is the UK Representative on a NATO Operational Analysis research collaboration panel.

Prof David C. Lane, Henley Business School 

David C Lane is Professor of Business Informatics at Henley Business School. He specialises in strategic analysis using system dynamics and systems thinking, being interested in both their theory and their practical application. He enjoys works interactively with managers to help them express their ideas in the form of models. The facilitated modelling process helps groups to think through the long-term policies of their organisation. His research ranges from the social theory of such approaches to the effective practical applications in organisational settings.
David has mathematics degrees from Bristol and Oxford Universities and a Doctorate in mathematical modelling also from Oxford. He was a consultant in Shell International and a marketing manager in Shell UK. Before joining Henley he was a faculty member at City University Business School and then London School of Economics and Political Science.
In 2004 he was elected Fellow of the OR Society and in 2007 received the System Dynamics Society's Jay Wright Forrester Award. In 2010-11 he was an Advisor to the Munro Review of Child Protection and in 2011 served as President of the System Dynamics Society.

Mrs Judith Rawle, Head of OR, CORDA

Judith Rawle is Head of Operational Research at CORDA, a business wholly owned by BAE Systems that uses modelling and analysis techniques to support decision making. Her expertise is in operational analysis and business modelling within the defence domain to support policy and strategy development, current operations and the development of military capability.
Judith is responsible for the development of CORDA’s technical capability and she provides advice and independent review to customers across the defence community. She is also a member of the Defence Scientific Advisory Council (DSAC) which provides independent advice to the UK MOD in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology and Analysis.
Following an MA in mathematics from St John’s College, Oxford, Judith has been a member of CORDA since its creation in 1984. She is a Fellow of the Operational Research Society (FORS) and a member of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Dr Geoff Royston, Immediate Past President, The OR Society

Geoff Royston is former Head of Strategic Analysis and Operational Research in the Department of Health for England, where for almost two decades he was the professional lead for a large group of health analysts. He is now an independent analyst and researcher and is the Immediate Past President of the Operational Research Society. He is also an Associate of the Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST) and a Senior Associate of the Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation at Nuffield College Oxford. He has had a wide range of activities and responsibilities involving analysis, modelling and experiment to inform the design, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based policies and programmes, and in developing capabilities of others, up to and including Board level, in systems and futures thinking. He has also worked on information and communication technology in the health sector, and has been an adviser to OFCOM. He made the original proposal for the development of the telephone and internet service “NHS Direct” and subsequently led its national launch. In 2008 he was made companion of honour of the Operational Research Society and he was the Society’s elected president for 2012-2013.