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OR58 Annual Conference

6 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2016


Dennis Sciama Building,
University of Portsmouth,
Burnaby Road,


Note our new building - Dennis Sciama building for registration and all sessions. (No.8 on the campus map)

Plenary sessions will be held in the Richmond Building LT. No. 5 on the Campus Map

University Campus Map

(We are no longer using the Portland building).


OR58 a Great 3 Day Conference Making an Impact for Academics and Practitioners Alike!

OR58 is a unique opportunity to develop professional skills, build knowledge of the latest developments, use people’s experiences to spark imagination, and meet, discuss and share with others in the field.

  • PLENARY talks from : -
    Ruth Kaufman (OBE) – Independent Consultant and President of the OR Society
    Graham Fletcher - Head of research and development for Cubic Transportation Systems Ltd
    Peter Richtárik - Associate Professor, University of Edinburgh and Faculty Fellow at the Alan
    Turing Institute      
  • 32 STREAMS and some 300 presentations of interest to academics and practitioners alike, including for example, case studies and presentations in methodological areas such as simulation, analytics, forecasting, problem-structuring; and application areas such as health, public policy, third sector, and supply chain.
  • PRACTITIONERS and ACADEMICS!  A dedicated Make an Impact (MAI) day on Wednesday 7 September provides focused sessions for consultants, analysts and decision makers – and anyone with a passion for making the world work more effectively.
  • BEHAVIOURAL O.R. – This panel discussion brings together academic and practitioner experts from different perspectives and will provide a lively forum for discussing the development of this emerging (and very exciting!) field of O.R.
  • PRESIDENTS MEDAL – A plenary session not to be missed!  Three contestants vie for the OR Society’s most prestigious award!
  • ENJOY A GOOD DEBATE? Sparks might fly on the subject of ‘The Future of OR is Analytics?’.  Be sure not to miss this!